Fact Check-No raw fish is considered safe during pregnancy

The guidelines say that certain types of cooked fish are safe for pregnant women to eat, but the guidelines say the risks to both the mother and fetus from bacterial and parasitic infections are too great and should be avoided. No raw fish is considered safe to eat during pregnancy.

A sushi-eating woman’s Facebook reel reads, “Raw salmon is fine in moderation. In fact, it’s very good for babies” (here).

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However, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance does not recommend eating raw seafood during pregnancy as it can be dangerous for both mother and baby (here).

“Raw seafood is not safe because it is more likely to contain parasites and bacteria than foods made from cooked seafood,” FDA spokesperson Courtney Rhodes told Reuters in an email. .

A spokesperson for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists also points to the organization’s guide to pregnancy and childbirth, which also recommends avoiding all raw fish, including sushi and sashimi (here) (here).

According to a survey conducted by the United States, most obstetricians and gynecologists believe that eating raw fish during pregnancy is not safe, and that parasitic infections caused by eating raw fish can cause the fetus to take antiparasitic drugs. It is considered difficult to treat in pregnant women because of the risk of exposure to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (here).

An article on theBUMP.com, updated for 2020, summarizes FDA guidelines in a table listing cooked seafood that is considered safe to eat during pregnancy (here).


misleading. Eating raw fish is not considered safe for pregnant women or their unborn children due to the increased risk of parasites and bacterial infections.

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