Family faces eviction after pregnant woman falls through floor

SOUTH HAVEN, Mississippi — A group of community leaders have taken a stand after a pregnant woman claimed she fell through the floor of her second-floor apartment.

Members of Christ’s Tabernacle Church of God marched to Southaven Point Apartments Wednesday in a fight for safer living conditions within the complex and within the Mid-South.

This was after learning that friend and fellow parishioner Ashley Thomas was facing eviction after falling off the floor of her Southaven Point Apartment home.

“It’s very scary, very scary, especially when you’re five months pregnant and you’re used to baby movements,” says Ashley.

Thankfully she and her baby are safe. But for Ashley, her husband Justin, and her two young daughters, it was a months-long story that ultimately led to protests.

Justin and Ashley say they have been living in the complex since 2021. After about 6 months, I started noticing problems. But it was only in the last few months that they realized how dangerous these issues are.

“We’re not the only ones who have mold problems or other problems with burst pipes in our house. It’s other people, too,” Justin said.

Bishop Vincent Matthews said this is not something humans should face.

“It’s the American dream to have a place to live, a place to grow, a place to love. And taking it away from them at such a basic level develops into so many social ills that we is cutting it off its head,” Matthews said.

According to the Thomas family, the Westminster management group that owns the property ignored requests for maintenance and repairs. The family says they received an eviction notice when they sought legal assistance.

The New York-based company’s vice president of operations said in a statement, “This is an L and T court matter and we will not be commenting on the pending litigation.

“My plan is to really open it up so people can really see what Westminster Management Group is like and what they really are. I want justice for all this.

Bishop Matthew says the church intends to let the Thomas family into the hotel until they can find their next move.

He calls on Westminster management to assemble the necessary manpower to bring the complex up to humane standards.

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