Flight Passenger Who “Had No Idea She Was Pregnant” Gives Birth in Mid-Flight

The international airline added an extra passenger in the air last week when a woman who didn’t realize she was pregnant gave birth on a flight from Ecuador to Spain. A woman identified as Tamara had stomach pains during the flight and went to the bathroom, where she gave birth. Doctors and nurses on board called for help, and her mother and baby were taken to hospital shortly after landing. Read on to find out what happened, why baby names have special meanings, and why the event isn’t as singular as it seems.


“I didn’t know she was pregnant.”

On her KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight from Guyaquil, Ecuador, with a layover in Amsterdam and en route to Spain, Tamara had an unexpected incident. “A few hours before landing in Holland, she had a stomach ache and decided to go to the toilet.To my surprise, after two contractions, suddenly I had a baby on my hand,” Zaid said. NL Times“Tamara didn’t know she was pregnant and was very surprised by this turn of events.”


Baby Named After Kind Passenger

Two doctors and a nurse boarded the plane to help Tamara after she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. An airline spokeswoman said: “We are very grateful to them. Tamara named her son Maximiliano after one of the passengers who came to her rescue. According to KLM, the mother and baby are now “doing well”.


Mother and baby were examined at the hospital

Shortly after the flight landed at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, the mother and baby were taken to a nearby hospital. A hospital spokeswoman said: “Tamara and Maximiliano are fortunate to be in good health. “The team in the maternity department did everything possible to ensure that both received proper care and prepared the necessary documents for Maximiliano. Tamara and Maximiliano will move to Madrid as soon as possible. Gasthaus wishes them all the best!” added the representative.


Another mysterious and viral pregnancy

In September, another story of a woman who didn’t realize she was pregnant until she went into labor (technically known as a subclinical pregnancy) went viral. Her 23-year-old TikTok user named Britt shocked viewers with her story that she gave birth to her daughter at 7.5 months pregnant.

“POV: You admitted to being in the ER after work with stomach pains and were told you were in labor without knowing it for 7.5 months.” TikTok with handle @bkillvhHer videos have been viewed over 2.6 million times.


no obvious signs of pregnancy

Britt shared a photo of herself weeks before the baby was born, but she clearly wasn’t pregnant. “There are so many other things to consider and so many things that have already happened to me,” she said in another video. He said it may not be in perfect harmony.

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