Fundraiser for teacher who died after suffering rare pregnancy illness

The family of the Accrington teacher, who died while pregnant after suffering from a rare pregnancy condition, set up a JustGiving page in her memory.

Jess Cronshaw, 26, was 28 weeks and 5 days pregnant with daughter Elsie when she and Elsie died earlier this month after suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) since the sixth week of her pregnancy. .

In addition to being a “motivated, dedicated and passionate” elementary school teacher, Jess had launched her own online fitness business.

Her family said:

“She was life and soul everywhere she went. She found true happiness in her life.”

In memory of Jess and Elsie, her cousin Steph Jane launched a Just Giving page to raise funds for pregnancy support.

HG is severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy that leaves women sick many times a day, unable to control food and drink, and can affect daily life.

A severely incapacitating disease for afflicted women, it affects 1-3% of women, yet research on HG is currently limited.

In defending Jess, her family added: Fellow patients with HG receive.

“Even when she’s bed bound, Jess used her Instagram platform to share the charity Gestational Disease Support and all the amazing and essential support and lifelines they offer to HG sufferers. .

“Our family does not want anyone with HG to go through the kind of loss and grief that we now face as a family. This is where Jess and Elsie’s legacy begins.”

So far, over £12,700 has been raised for pregnancy support in memory of Jess and Elsie.

The money raised will be donated directly to charity to support the important work they do to help patients with HG.

Jess’ family said: Make the world your family.

“In just over a week we have raised £11,457.It has given our family some comfort during this very difficult time.

“What we can do now is continue to draw attention and raise awareness about the serious condition of HG and the devastating effects and consequences of this terrifying condition.

“Our hope is to continue raising the necessary funds for the only UK registered charity that has volunteers who truly know what it’s like to go through this dire situation. HG’s Further research is needed to improve the quality of patient care and support.

“2023 will be a busy time for Jess’ family, partner Eddie, friends and loved ones as we continue to raise funds and make the necessary changes.”

You can donate on the Just Giving page here.

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