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My birth story began with my intervention. [paternal] aunt. She got pregnant when she was 15 and gave birth at 16. As I understood it, the realization of her pregnancy was the cause of pain and “grief” for many families. It was believed that her life was over and she was destined to suffer an unproductive future, bound by unplanned children and a derailed education.

child’s father [initially] Denied all responsibility and turned his back on her. The conundrum of what to do with the “situation” caused a lot of turmoil and anxiety in the family.It was already a poor family struggling desperately to survive. My aunt’s only sibling was her brother, my father. It was he who voluntarily took up the cloak and took responsibility for caring for his pregnant sister and, eventually, the newborn baby.

When my mother went into labor, both the delivery room doctor and nurse were of the opinion that she would not give birth until the next morning. As a result, it was the same aunt who saved me when I stepped into this world. By the time I was born, her aunt had gone back to school and eventually started studying to become a midwife…lucky for me!

only child

Later in life, my aunt got married. Her daughter turned out to be the only child she ever had. The child, my cousin, became a prominent lawyer, emigrated to the United States, and served as public defender in New York. She then had her three children, all of whom became productive adults. One of those children she also became a lawyer and once served as a federal prosecutor. That one unplanned pregnancy has resulted in one child, three grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren (so far).

Because of my personal beliefs and their deep family history, I do my best to prevent women (and girls) from ending unplanned pregnancies. I have seen women countless times. So far, none of those who have decided to continue their pregnancies have regretted it. I don’t know what happened.”

I’m not totally against women needing to abort their pregnancies. However, certain situations are required. Our laws dealing with abortion need to be amended. They treat a fertilized egg (a newly fertilized egg) as if it were already fertilized. [sentient] human. Biologically, they only have the potential to become human. Our anti-abortion laws can lead to serious physical and/or serious psychological risks for mothers.

Our laws go to great lengths to protect the newly fertilized human egg (zygote), but also the fully developed human fetus, which is still attached to the mother by the umbilical cord and is still the first. does not protect recently born human babies who are not breathing. They are treated like non-entities. This explains why if you kill a pregnant woman and, as a result, also kill her full-term, viable fetus, she is the only one who can be charged with murder. It is incomprehensible to focus on the potential of human life while at the same time ignoring perfectly healthy and viable little humans.

mixed message

Our society’s flagrant chagrin and hostile admonition against some women/girls who decide to continue with an unexpected/unplanned pregnancy sends a mixed message. I clearly remember when a person became pregnant. Acerbic comments roared the towering hypocritical, sacred metaphorical mountain faster and hotter than any pyroclastic flow. The beauty queen did what other young people did, but she got pregnant and she decided to do the right thing by keeping her pregnant. Ostensibly, the hypocrite would have been better off if she had hidden her pregnancy, ended it, and continued as if nothing had happened.

Women get pregnant for a variety of reasons, including wanting to get pregnant, negligence, ignorance, contraceptive failure, and “rape.” Thankfully, there are some organizations that greatly help young women stay on track. The Women’s Health Network’s Adolescent Health Program does a great job of that.

So on Christmas Day 2022, a 14-year-old girl became the first mother to give birth at Victoria Jubilee Hospital. She gave birth to a premature baby boy. As was customary, their arrival was celebrated and publicized. This was the most heartwarming paragraph in the article. GreenerA minor, whose name has been withheld, said she was terrified when she first learned of her unexpected pregnancy and disappointed her parents. However, she said she was glad to have the support from her parents, especially her mother, through this difficult time and did not want to have an abortion, so she made the best of her situation and returned to school if possible. I swore.

Greener The article sparked a heated debate. In my opinion her situation should not have been made public as she is under the legal age of consent. I should have taken immediate steps in private to give the gift.

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