Gauahar Khan On Pregnancy, “Was Trying To Figure Things Out In First Trimester”

In a recent Life Update, Gauahar Khan and Zayed Darbar revealed that they will be parents soon.Khan and Darbar have been a popular couple online and on Instagram since their wedding in 2020. has published some viral reels.

In a joint post, Zaid Darbar and Gauahar Khan posted an animated clip of a couple riding bicycles as a new area filled with toys for children has arrived. The video says, “When Z meets G, one becomes two, and then three, and the adventure continues.” They wrote in the post, “Bismillah hir Rahmaan nir Raheem. We need your love and prayers. Masha Allah!”

Gauahal Khan pregnant:

Khan, who is expecting a baby, recently spoke to the Hindustan Times about how she worked non-stop during the first few months of her pregnancy and why she wants to work as much as possible during her pregnancy. Despite the limelight, she and Durbar are excited and said they wanted to cherish the moment. She also said she wanted to share and receive blessings from people who were there for her. We are both happy. ”

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During the first three months, she admitted she was “trying to figure things out” while working non-stop. She claimed that she became so enthusiastic that when she was filming the action show, she performed some stunts herself. She went on to say that she plans to work in the meantime, as she has many live events scheduled for January. revealed something.

she joked. In the next five months, if someone needs a pregnant woman, you may get a call to play a pregnant woman. ”

Khan has become a famous face on television and in movies.She has given numerous dance performances in several web shows, films and films. Big Boss” Seventh season.

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