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What could go wrong with such a solid plan?

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GH Spoilers are pretty clear: Nicholas Cassadine needs a solution to a pregnant Prince Esme problem — stats! That’s how long he can keep her locked up in a tower. Especially soon he will lock two.

GH Spoiler Speculation

Nicholas (Marcus Coloma) gives birth to Esme’s (Avery Kristen Paul) baby and intends to keep them both indefinitely? Wasn’t there a movie about it? It was called “Room”. And the kidnappers weren’t good people. Nick needs a way out of this mess. But will Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) faking her pregnancy be the key, and she’s already done her dirty work — will she continue throughout her semester?

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GH: fun home

Liz already has three children by three different fathers (one of whom, Aiden, had a chance to be Nick’s child). So why not pretend it’s 4 on 4? 7% suggested. Can Elizabeth claim she’s pregnant from her flirtation with Nicolas… while she’s having flashbacks? Is she still dating Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) standing up to her parents? yeah, why? It’s going to be fun!

GH Spoiler: Share and Share Like

Liz pretends to be pregnant with Nick’s baby so she can steal Esme’s child, 26% are fine with the plan. She buries him. If she can save their already failing relationship.

general Hospital: no good deed

Audiences of 67% of the winners are resigned that this is the story. I don’t trust Nik to do it himself. That’s going to be the really fun part. You see everything go wrong.

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