Horror Over Reactions to Pregnant Woman’s Gender Reveal: ‘Not Your Fault’

The internet has sided with a pregnant woman who revealed that the reaction of her family and friends to the gender reveal of her third child was “very, very sad.”

The woman, who posted under the username Lalallals248, explained on Mumsnet earlier this month that she “had received nothing but negative comments and sympathy” from family and friends after finding out her child was going to be a boy. Did. She has three sons and no daughter.

Many parents try to have both girls and boys, but this is not always the case. According to the World Population Review, America has a roughly even ratio of men to women, but demographic trends show more women than men. The current ratio is estimated at 97 men for every 100 women, with women outnumbering men in all but 10 states.

The poster admitted that she preferred girls, but after experiencing multiple miscarriages, her main priority was to have a healthy pregnancy that survived the first trimester. friends and family did not see it that way and all felt compelled to express their grief.

This stock image shows a pregnant woman holding her young child. The internet has blamed her family for having nothing but negative comments when they learned that the pregnant woman was expecting a third boy.
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“Some comments I’ve received so far: ‘Oh three boys? I don’t envy you there;’ I don’t know if I should say that!” And, “Oh, sons are temporary members of the family. Remember, sons are sons until they get their wives, but daughters are daughters forever,” she wrote. .

Some other people said, “Oh, maybe you can’t carry a girl. Look at all the girls you lost. It’s okay if he’s here.” This is the nicest comment I have ever received.

Soula Hareas, Certified Mental Health Counselor at McNulty Counseling and Wellness, said: Newsweek Mumsnet posters need to realize that anyone who makes this kind of comment will tell anyone, not just her.

“Many pregnant clients have told me they wished their pregnancies were less physically obvious because of insensitive comments from family, friends and strangers.” It’s also overwhelming because it’s happening, but people who make comments like this have opinions on everything and have probably said these rude comments to many pregnant women over the years.

“They also upset people at Christmas dinner because they weren’t married yet or hadn’t graduated from college, and people were afraid to meet them at family gatherings.” She’s pregnant and probably never,” she said.

According to Hareas, this is where many adult children begin to create boundaries. Because something changes when adults who were bullied by their families have children.

“They don’t want their kids to do the same thing, so they stick up for themselves in the end, but it’s uncomfortable to feel attacked again for something you’re so excited about.” It’s a feeling.

Hareas suggests that posters should come up with appropriate replies to these insensitive comments.

“It could be sincere things like ‘All children are blessed’ or ‘Yes, we are so excited that we have enough for our boy band singing troupe.’ (and One Direction, name groups like the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, BTS) and can retire now,” Hareas said. She added that because of pregnancy hormones, women can be sensitive to comments they perceive as negative, even if they aren’t.

Most of the 115 users who left comments on the Mumsnet thread lashed out at their friends and family’s reactions to the news, calling them “really bad comments.”

One user, Ocrumbs, commented:

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