How Daniella Karagach Told Husband Pasha She Was Pregnant

DWTS professional dancers Daniela Karagach and Pasha Pashkov are currently expecting their first child. Daniela reveals how she broke the news to Pasha.

It is fashionable for women to tell their husbands that they are pregnant in a unique and special way. dance with the stars Professional dancer Daniela Karagach has parted ways while sharing news with her spouse Pasha Pashkov. Pasha joined the show in her 2019 season 28, and Daniela was cast in the following year’s season 29. She won her mirror ball trophy, but her husband did not.

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On the first day of Season 31, Daniela finds out she is pregnant with her first child.of dance with the stars The celebs who partnered with Joseph Baena on the show’s latest season kept the competition going in anticipation. It wasn’t until the day of the finale that she revealed the news to her fellow castmates. Two days later, Daniela and Pasha announced their pregnancy to fans on social media.

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Dancing With The Stars’ Daniela Breaks News To Pasha

When Daniela found out she was pregnant for the first time, she was too excited to share the news with her husband.according to talent summary, Daniela recently gave an Instagram Q&A where fans asked for more details on how she revealed the news. rice field. Pasha, who teamed up with Teresa Giudice in season 31, said,attackedIn Daniella News. She explained in a Q&A:TBH I just wanted to share with him ASAP. I had no idea how or when. I hit him pretty hard with the news.

Dancing With The Stars celeb Daniella is thrilled to be pregnant

Pasha wasn’t the only one Daniela was excited to share the news with.In fact, she found it very difficult to hide it from her DWTS partner Joseph, and the rest of the cast. It was disappointing that she and Joseph dropped out in Week 5 of the contest, but it made it easier for Daniela to keep her secret. Daniela and Pasha’s fellow professional dancer, Witney Carson, had it all figured out all too well: in the semi-finals, Witney announced that she was pregnant with her second child. Daniela and Witney’s due date is just one day apart from her. Both babies are due to arrive in May.

of dance with the stars Our family continues to grow.With so many professional dancers currently pregnant, a new generation of future dancers is joining the family. Her due date is next four months dance with the stars This season, Daniela hopes to return to the ballroom in the fall if producers ask her to rejoin the cast.

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