How Hormones Can Cause ‘Pregnancy Nose’ Swelling

  • Anum Rubec told Insider that her nose increased in size by up to three times during her pregnancy in 2018.
  • Pregnancy can cause swelling all over the body, including the hands, feet, nose, and face.
  • However, sudden swelling during pregnancy may indicate a blood pressure problem.

Anam Lubeck, 33, expected pregnancy to change her body, but didn’t expect her nose to nearly triple its pre-pregnancy size by the time she reached her third trimester.

She posted a photo on social media with the hashtag #swolleneeverywhere and joked that she was saving money for postpartum nose surgery.

In photos posted on TikTok and shared with Insiders, Rubec’s nose appears swollen and wide, especially around the bridge. The content creator told Insider that she was pregnant in 2018, but recently posted on TikTok about her swollen nose after seeing #pregnant nose trending.

“I am traumatized and barely recognize my nose anymore,” she wrote in the video’s caption.

Several other content creators on TikTok also recently shared photos of their “pregnant noses”, documenting how their noses grow and change shape as their due dates approach.

Rubec told Insider that it took three to four months for her nose to return to normal size, but now it seems swollen more often, or she noticed changes in her nose before she was pregnant. He said he may not have.

She’s not the only one to experience nasal irritation during pregnancy, also known as gestational rhinitis. Mild inflammation can cause stuffy nose-like symptoms during pregnancy, while Rubec and others can cause swelling that temporarily changes the shape of the nose.

“Want to talk about your pregnant nose? It’s getting worse,” TikTok user Keilyn Hill wrote in the video’s caption.

Another user abiandelivstheworld wrote, “Pregnancy has done a lot for me.”

Hormonal changes during pregnancy are often the cause of a swollen nose

Swelling is normal during pregnancy and is usually seen in the feet and ankles.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, pregnant women produce about 50% more blood and fluids to meet the needs of their developing fetus. Much of that liquid is retained to help soften the parent’s body as it prepares for birth.

Elevated levels of the hormone estrogen also change the way the body retains fluid during pregnancy, otolaryngologist Nitin Bhatia told Yahoo News. It can bloat and cause allergy-like symptoms such as a runny or stuffy nose.

However, a pregnant nose is a temporary condition. The nose usually returns to its normal size within six weeks after giving birth, Dr. Christine Greves, an OB-GYN in Florida, told

However, if you notice sudden swelling, see your doctor

Although physical changes such as slight swelling during pregnancy are to be expected, the APA says it’s important to contact your healthcare provider if you notice sudden swelling.

For Rubec, the swollen nose was a symptom of a bigger problem, high blood pressure.

Rubec said her blood pressure was “through the roof” during her second trimester. Her symptoms, combined with an unusual level of swelling in her face, sent red flags to doctors.

“While bloating is a normal part of pregnancy, it can also be seen as dangerous at times, so my husband and I were happy to defend and share in detail what was going on,” she told Insider. told to

Doctors diagnosed her with pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure, according to Rubec, which required more frequent examinations and stress tests throughout the remainder of her pregnancy. She was induced at term (37 weeks) and delivered a healthy baby by caesarean section.

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