How I lost 3-month old pregnancy through police orderly’s kicks – Mrs Abiola’s aide

Rebecca Ochoendo, an aide to Professor Zainab Duke Aviola, tells how she lost her three-month-old pregnancy to police brutality.

Ochendo is part of the administrative staff of Mrs. Duke Aviola, Chief Legal Consultant for the Nigerian Police. She is also one of Aviola’s wives.

The late Aviola is the presumed winner of the elections that will take place on 12 June 2023 in Nigeria.

At a press conference held in Abuja over the weekend, Mrs Aviola said engineer Ibrahim, son of IGP Alkari, had raided Jesse Jackson’s residence along with other police officers and claimed that she, her family members and staff members. Do not bring her dismissed back in order, Teju Moses returns to her abode.

She said the previous orderly person was behaving erratically, saluting the tree and saying things like: She repeatedly shouted, “Somalia, Somalia, all right. Mogadishu, Mogadishu, or sometimes, tomato suddenly turned red blood.”

“I was fed up with the whole drama and embarrassment, so I made a decision by reporting it to DIG, who advised her (Taeju) to go back to police headquarters. Apologized to me, I cut ties with her immediately and moved on,” she said.

“Then she (Tae-ju) jumped in my car and tried to follow me, but I refused and rolled the windshield of the car. Pregnancy month.

Aviola said, “There was no commotion, no confrontation, no commotion on my property, but they forced open my gates, dragged Rebecca outside under a tree, and Teju and the others slept until she lost her pregnancy.” It fell heavily on her,” he added.

According to her, “Ibrahim confiscated my phone and even harassed the CP who came, even though the Police Commissioner in charge of the FCT, Sunday Babaji, told the team that he was in charge. There was nothing to intervene in the matter.

Victim Ochendo also spoke to the media and lamented his loss and brutality.

Ochendo said, “Teju Moses came back to our house claiming he forgot some of his clothes and we promised to bring it to her, but she didn’t have it.” did not.

“She came back in the middle of the night and ordered me to open the gate but I refused and she started dragging the gate with me and I opened it.

“She started calling me a thief and called passers-by to bring tires and set them on fire in front of my house. So I didn’t lose my pregnancy.”

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