How to avoid this for unborn good health

Diabetes during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. The special thing is that gestational diabetes occurs only during pregnancy. However, like other diabetes, gestational diabetes can also raise blood sugar levels, which can affect pregnancy and harm an unborn baby. The risk of premature birth was found to be high. This means that the baby is born before it has completed its nine-month period in the womb. One of the causes.

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According to TOI news, the study collected data from 2,600 women and, after analysis, found that diabetes in pregnancy caused many other types of complications.Journal of the British According to a report published in the Diabetic Association, four months of gestational diabetes during pregnancy increases the risk of giving birth to a premature baby by 19%. This study analyzed data collected from women treated for gestational diabetes within or after 6 months of pregnancy and from pregnant women without gestational diabetes.

The study found that women with gestational diabetes developed many types of complications compared to women who did not have diabetes during pregnancy. The rate of admission to the ICU at birth also increased, and in some women, the weight of the child also increased.

How to avoid gestational diabetes

Rule out gestational diabetes by checking your blood sugar early in pregnancy, according to the Mayo Clinic website. If you have high blood sugar, eat a healthy diet. Increase your intake of green leafy vegetables. Eat foods rich in fiber. Whole grains may be beneficial. Apart from this, be active during pregnancy.
Apart from this, be active during pregnancy.
Also, stay active during your pregnancy.
Do light exercise for 30 minutes or more. walk for a while. In no case do not increase the weight. Say goodbye to cigarettes and alcohol. Avoid anything with carbohydrates. Avoid too much sugar and salt.

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