How women navigated pregnancy during a pandemic

Mother’s Day is coming, so I dedicate this episode unique milwaukee To all moms.

For those of you who experienced a pregnancy during the pandemic, this episode is especially for you. We recognize that you have found yourself in a very unusual situation on the way to bring your baby into this world.

Here in Milwaukee, local artists document the journey of pregnant women and the global epidemic, collecting dozens of interviews and hours of audio.N’Jameh Russell-Camara recently I launched a website called “Pandemic Pregnancy Project and Popsicles”.

The “popsicle” part of the name, which often describes a difficult time for mothers and parents, comes from the sweetness that is intentionally included in each story.

Radio Milwaukee partnered with Russell-Camara to record several female monologues. Most were local, but some were from other states. Each got a glimpse of their pregnancy in a truly unprecedented global event.

Listen to this week’s episode and subscribe using the icon at the top of the page so you don’t miss an episode. The next episode will revisit the Pandemic Pregnancy Project and feature even more stories from the Russell-Kamara interview. Plus, we talk to local mothers who survived the pandemic with their children.

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