Husband’s Pregnancy Sleeping Hack Goes Viral

Finding the right sleeping position during pregnancy is virtually impossible. But one husband’s TikTok video has gone viral for an ingenious way to help his pregnant wife get a better night’s sleep.

Tony Lopez, who uses @luxuryrenovation on TikTok, recently posted a sleep hack video that has over 35 million views.

The video begins with a view of a bed that looks like a smaller mattress stacked on top of another larger mattress.

There’s a narration, “When your pregnant wife explains that she wants to lie on her stomach,” Lopez points to the left side of the bed and says, “Obviously, this is my side.” The side he’s pointing to doesn’t have his second mattress stacked.

The camera pans to the right and cuts a hole in the mattress topper and puts it on top of the original mattress so that my pregnant wife can support her stomach while lying on her stomach. bubbles,” he explains.

About as much as your husband? We love a supportive husband who not only notices when her wife needs help with something, but does something about it!Lopez ends the video, saying, “She knows it’s I said I love you,” he adds.

As your pregnancy progresses, it becomes harder to be comfortable in bed. Sleep position during pregnancy depends on what stage of pregnancy you are in and whether it is comfortable for your body. While sleeping on your side is recommended as the best position for sleeping during pregnancy, experts at Stanford Medicine say it’s okay to sleep on your stomach if it’s comfortable for you.

As your little one enters the world, the nights to come will be even more restless. Plus, a newborn’s sleep schedule can change dramatically. Anything useful wins my book.

This viral pregnancy sleep hack video has thousands of comments from viewers who love this father-to-be invention and a few followers who thought the hole was something else altogether.

“This is the definition of true, if he wants. Never change.”

“Joining TikTok raises my standards for my future husband even higher 😂”

“I am sending this to him. He needs to make a dip for his milkers because they are sensitive ✨️”

“I don’t think the hole is for the face😅”

“Gentlemen Take Notes”

“I’m a little irrationally mad at my husband now for not thinking about this.”

TikTok makes me believe in myself more than anyone else. With all the love this video got, Lopez also created a hilarious follow-up that shows him setting sail to make his fortune with his beloved invention.

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