I finally got pregnant after years trying — and was shocked to lose my teeth

Motherhood has a huge impact on a woman’s hormones, skin and energy. One of her on TikToker warns would-be mothers to prepare for lesser-known side effects of pregnancy.

Marissa Green, 30, said it seemed like a miracle when she got pregnant after four years of trying to conceive. I realized that

In a TikTok clip that has garnered 5.4 million views in just over a week, Green revealed a shocking image of her decaying enamel in hopes of spreading awareness. She called it “the most vulnerable time of my life” and even discussed revealing her journey.

Ultimately, Green posted the video after deciding not to influence “other people’s thoughts” about her journey.

Green said her teeth deteriorated during and after pregnancy.

The clip ends with her smiling with her new dentures — her pearly whites growing back after turning black.

She claims it wasn’t her choice to wait to see a dentist until her condition got “terrible.” I was forced to

She said she suffered from morning sickness and it got so bad that brushing her teeth hurt.

However, it wasn’t until ‘post-pregnancy’ that her gum health actually ‘worsened’. acknowledged.

“But I wouldn’t trade my smile for her,” she admitted of her precious toddler.

Marissa Green smiling with bad teeth
Mr Green said he suffered from morning sickness and found it difficult to brush his teeth.

Fellow mothers expressed gratitude for Green’s vulnerability, calling her “beautiful,” while others revealed they suffered from the same condition.

“People don’t understand. Not just more acid from morning sickness, calcium deficiency is real,” warned one user.

“Most people don’t realize how much it takes the body of someone who has a child. We risk so many health conditions to have a child,” said another. A person called out.

“Congratulations!!!! Spent almost 4k to get my smile back!!!!” One new mom revealed.

“Thank you for posting this. I’m legitimately crying. I’m in the same boat and people are so mean,” another wrote with a thank you along with a crying emoji. I wrote

“So happy for you!!! This happened to me, 4 kids killed my teeth!” someone else agreed.

“This is why I took calcium religiously during pregnancy,” confessed another.

Marissa Green with dentures
Greene said she recently got dentures to solve a problem complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Healthline, “gestational gingivitis” usually develops between the second and eighth month of pregnancy. Pregnant women are at a higher risk of cavities and loose teeth because hormonal changes make plaque more likely to build up.

Brushing your teeth, flossing, eating a healthy diet, gargling with salt, regular visits to the dentist, and limiting sugary foods can help prevent gum disease from progressing.

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