I Travelled to 14 Countries While Being Pregnant & With My Baby

Feeling your baby’s first kicks is one of life’s most beautiful moments. Imagine swimming in an underground cavern in Mexico’s gorgeous Yucatan Peninsula and feeling your baby’s first kicks. It’s surreal.

That’s exactly how Anindita Chatterjee felt her baby’s first kick. A travel content creator swam in a Mexican cenote (natural sinkhole) during the 45-day baby moon.

Pregnancy has many dos and don’ts, including many myths, such as how pregnant women shouldn’t travel. Anindita, 41, traveled to 4 countries while pregnant and took her now 1-year-old daughter to 10 countries.

To date, Anidita has traveled to a total of 78 countries.

Anindita has traveled to 78 countries so far

she says: I got pregnant at 40 and wanted to ensure it was epic.

“After getting permission from my doctor to travel, I planned a full 45-day babymoon to Colombia, Mexico, Aruba, and Curacao. I hiked and did everything I wanted to do,” says Mumbai-based Anindita. better india.

She adds that usually women have a lot of preconceived notions when it comes to getting pregnant at 40.

“There are many myths associated with the third trimester of pregnancy. I traveled to 68 countries before I got pregnant and now I’m enjoying life with my baby.Of course there are benefits to getting pregnant early, but it also has its own perks.” she says.

“do not give up your dream”

Anindita traveled to four countries during her pregnancy
Anindita went to 4 countries on her 45-day babymoon

“Don’t give up your passion because of pregnancy or childbirth. Don’t lose your identity. I want her to fit in with my lifestyle.Only if I follow my dreams will she be able to follow hers when she grows up,” says the content creator.

Anindita’s passion for travel was instilled in her by her parents. She has taken me on her national tours since her childhood. After she grew up and started working, she continued her travels.

“I have traveled extensively for 17 years with a full-time job. So at first I started going on short trips to Maharashtra itself, and as I grew up I started traveling abroad.It’s all about smart planning,” she says.

She started her Instagram account @travel.chatter in 2017 and quit her job in 2020 to become a full-time travel content creator.

Anindita has explored many exotic and offbeat destinations solo, including Amazon forests, Patagonia, Ukrainian underground bunkers, Costa Rican waterfalls, and Portuguese coastal motorcycles.

Naturally, this trend toward travel continued after she became a mother. She started traveling with her baby Kiara when she was two months old, taking her to Kerala and Goa. When she was six months old, Anidita took her on her first trip abroad to Spain’s Canary Islands.

raise happy and sociable babies

Anindita traveled to 10 countries with her baby
Anindita traveled to 10 countries with her baby

Today, 1-year-old baby Kiara has already traveled to 10 countries. Anindita’s husband has a full-time job, so her 80% of these trips were just her mother and daughter.

“Kiara had a hard time on her first flight, but now she’s a very happy, friendly, active baby. She loves meeting new people and saying ‘hello’ to everyone.” She’s adaptable, she handles flight and hotel changes multiple times,” says her proud mother.

Anindita says new parents must be open to slow travel and flexible.

“I do a lot of research before picking a destination and plan everything in advance. It’s easier to book an Airbnb because I can cook meals for my toddler and sanitize bottles. Planning is important, but you can’t have a complete checklist of things to do, so I try not to overload my schedule. You have to enjoy it,” she adds.

She says it’s also important to choose attractions that interest children and are visually stimulating. Anindita took her Kiara to New York’s Museum of Ice Cream.

Anindita’s tips for parents:

  • Rent a car for flexibility in carrying your baby’s luggage.
  • Please wear a baby carrier/carry a stroller.
  • Make sure you have a list of nearby hospitals and doctors.
  • Get in touch with your pediatrician and carry a first aid pack.
  • Take direct flights if possible.
  • Try timing your flights with your baby’s sleep schedule.
  • Engage your baby and explain everything.

“Live your best life”

Anindita feels happier after becoming a mother. But one of the biggest problems most mothers face is herLog Kyakahenge‘ (what do people say).

Some people say ‘don’t travel with a baby’ but that’s your choice. The moment you get too much advice, your life goes crazy. I learned to live in the present to enjoy a carefree and happy life,” she says, 41.

I get a lot of messages from moms saying they are happy to see your videos. It’s nice to be able to inspire single moms to take care of themselves! You only have one life. Don’t waste your time worrying about what others say. Be careful with your partner, husband, and in-laws. There are times when you have to draw a line and figure out what makes you happy,” she adds.

Such an attitude makes the mother happy and, consequently, the daughter happy.

anidita and baby
Anindita says her daughter is very social and friendly

Anindita is currently waiting for a visa to spend the New Year in Israel.

“This is probably the best life I have ever lived. I used to think motherhood was overrated. But trust me, until it hits you, you know what it is I don’t know.. I’m happier and more content because of my baby.I want to make more memories and seize every moment with Kiara.”

(Get permission from your gynecologist before traveling while pregnant.)

Edited and Imaged by Pranita Bhat Anindita Chatterjee

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