‘If it’s that she’s pregnant, I am already bored’: Paris Hilton Becomes a Walking Meme after Announcing News That Will ‘Break the Internet’

Paris Hilton is one of Hollywood’s most influential celebrities who first came to media attention in the late 1990s. She stepped into the world of modeling at the age of 19 and signed with Donald Trump’s agency, Trump Her Models Her Management. Her global popularity emerged in 2001 when her NSFW tape with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon was leaked. 1 night in Paris (2004).

American socialite Paris Hilton

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She settled down with current beau Carter Reum last November, so a subtle teaser she dropped three days ago left fans wondering if she was expecting her first child with her husband. .

Paris Hilton hints at pregnancy in teaser

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum
Paris Hilton and Carter Reum

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41-year-old socialite Paris Hilton posted a news update on Tuesday that referred to something she was planning to announce on Dec. 30. “Break the Internet.” The business personality shared the video on social media platforms. It was originally TikTok and featured captions. “Me when I have a secret that will destroy the Internet on 12/30.”

In the video, she was spotted passing in front of a holographically wrapped BMW i8 Roadster before taking the driver’s seat towards a Bentley Continental GT. She was admittedly overconfident at her surprise she was dropping, but her fans speculated that the news could be about her pregnancy and wouldn’t be interested anymore. rice field.

she previously shared“plan” Baby with husband Carter Reum, “We have plenty of healthy embryos waiting to be part of our cute crew!” It was unavoidable to take the surprise that way, but the fans worked on the surprise in their own way.

Fan reactions to Paris Hilton’s ‘Break The Internet’ teaser

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

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Shortly after she posted a teaser on social media platforms, fans began speculating about the surprise bombshell she had announced, with many thinking it was related to her pregnancy.

Many fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on her overly confident demeanor of breaking the internet.

See the tweet below.

Some even expressed disappointment by writing whether she would release another s*x tape that brought her to worldwide fame.

It turned out to be her musical comeback after major wild theories surfaced among fans regarding her surprise.

Paris Hilton returns with one of the greatest hits of all time, Stars Are Blind

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

The socialite had a brief music career in the 2000s, and she’s back by releasing some of the 2000s’ most memorable songs. return the version, the stars are blind It is still in great demand today. The song was released on Amazon Music, and Social Lights announced the remake through an Instagram post.

The pop star released exclusive photos and videos for her new album, with an ad from New York Times Square written in the caption.surprise! The latest version of “Stars Are Blind (Paris’ Version)” has been released.

She also hinted at getting more work in the music industry. This means that her life as a pop star is far from over.

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