‘If that can happen to me, that can happen to anybody’

Dearica Hamby has opened up about an ’emotional’ trade from her longtime team. (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

Two weeks after the Las Vegas Aces’ trade to the Los Angeles Sparks was confirmed, Dearika Humby told reporters at a press conference. The six-time player of the year, who has yet to move to Los Angeles, was named his second player of the year, and he answered a virtual “emotional” trade question.

The WNBPA is now investigating Aces’ management after alleging she was “discriminated against” for her second pregnancy. Referring to her role as “mother of the league,” the 6-foot-3 forward spoke about what her experience meant.

“My relationship with my daughter went on the air,” she said. “If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.”

Ace emphasized the Humvee’s role: “Amaya’s Mother” The two were often featured together on other social media and team content.

While the franchise has remained silent regarding the investigation, it has been active in free agency and has acquired powerhouses Candace Parker and Alisha Clarke.

According to a statement Humby posted on Instagram, Ace promised to “seduce” her into signing a contract extension before last season. accusing her of doing so, even though he knew he was being abused, and questioned her commitment to the sport before finally trading her off.

Humvee was Las Vegas’ longest-serving player last season. She played there for her entire eight-year career, and after her due date in March, she has expressed her desire to return to the start of the WNBA season in May.

At the press conference, she expressed her positive feelings to fans and former teammates, and was hesitant to respond when it came to whether legal action would be taken against the team.

“I love Vegas fans. It’s like watching me grow up and watching my daughter grow up,” she said.not candice [Parker’s] Obstacle; not Aja [Wilson] or chelsea [Gray’s] hindrance. “

looking forward to los angeles

Regarding her return timeline, Humby said her plan is to “do what feels right”. is dedicated to making it as stress-free as possible for their unborn son.

She revealed that the trade has been emotionally taxing for her, adding that she cried the first time she spoke on the phone with newly hired Sparks head coach Kurt Miller.

Miller previously coached the Connecticut Sun and spoke about welcoming them before the Humvee’s introductory press conference.

“Being supportive is a big word. For Dearika, my track record in Connecticut, it was really important for me to feel supported by my family, from my significant other to my partner to my children. I had a locker room in Connecticut where I welcomed the kids, and they traveled by team bus,” Miller said. “Finally, the big words come back to support and support them and make their families feel not just as players but a part of this.” Please let me know how excited you are.”

Free agent Neka Ogwumike was also important in her decision to continue the trade, as she is expected to re-sign with the Sparks, according to Humby’s comments. WNBPA President.

Humvee joins a talented roster in Los Angeles that includes former No. 1 draft pick and WNBA MVP Mike Ogu. Sparks also has Lexi Brown, Jasmine Thomas and Stephanie Talbot.

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