I’m mom to six kids – everyone told me pregnancy would ruin my body but I’m hotter than ever

Having six children is a staggering feat physically.

One mother proudly flaunted her postpartum body, even though it looked different. In fact, her mother, she claims, is hotter than ever.


Linda Ruevano Has Six Children – Facts That Often Surprise PeopleCredit: TikTok/htownlinda
Luevano said people find it hard to believe she gave birth six times


Luevano said people find it hard to believe she gave birth six timesCredit: TikTok/htownlinda

A proud parent, Linda Luevano loves her six children. The 28-year-old gave birth to her youngest son in early 2021.

But you can’t tell it by looking at her: Luevano posted on TikTok about other people’s expectations of their post-birth body.

Before having children, Luevano was constantly told that motherhood would destroy her figure.

“Having six kids will ruin your body,” she wrote in the video’s caption, citing critics.

I am a mother of 7...5 in 3 years and 2 sets of triplets
I'm plus size - I used to be self-conscious, but now I like to pose in lingerie

However, the actual footage on screen showed Luevano flexing her high-waisted leggings and lifting her shirt to expose her abs.

She cheekily reverted to the warning she received in the video description. “Did you do that?!” Luevano wrote.

In another video, she was smiling, grinning and strutting in front of a mirror, showing off her butt and thin waist.

“How did you give birth to sextuplets and look like that?” read the caption.

Luevano didn’t answer.

She just winks and grins at viewers trying to compliment her “mom body.”

Mama's thin waist and toned glutes were nothing to sneeze at


Mama’s thin waist and toned glutes were nothing to sneeze atCredit: TikTok/htownlinda

I was shocked to hear that Luebano had so many children. “It doesn’t look like it,” he wrote.

Another decided to be frivolous. “Six more?” he asked.

“You are amazing,” wrote another, and Luevano was delighted to have impressed him.

“Thank you,” she wrote back, touched by the kind words.

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