Ireland Baldwin accidentally reveals baby’s gender in pregnancy rant video

Ireland Baldwin accidentally reveals baby’s gender in pregnancy rant video

Ireland’s Baldwin hinted that she’s expecting a baby girl when she lashed out at people asking for photos of her growing bump.

The mother, who turns 27 on Wednesday, posted a virtual rant session on Instagram discussing her pregnant pet peeves, including people who wanted to touch her bump and click photos.

Ireland, who announced on Friday that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend RAC, said in a series of videos posted to her Instagram that she “broke the law” regarding her pregnancy, accidentally killing her baby. We called her ‘she’ and ‘she’. Story.

“If another person asks me to send them a picture of my bump, it drives me insane because I don’t have one. There’s a lot of space for her there,” the model said in the video.

Ireland Baldwin accidentally reveals baby's gender in pregnancy rant video

Ireland explained that she had a slight bump and didn’t look like a food baby. I don’t know anything else, I love you so much, but please don’t ask.”

Using a sunglasses filter, the model told her 681,000 followers that her rants were “so much fun” and that anyone who might run into her while pregnant should tell her I warned you not to touch the ridges of the

“This is very common. If I start showing up, I don’t care if you’re my best friend or if we’re family. I don’t care who you are.” I don’t care, don’t discriminate, I don’t care if you’re old, don’t touch me unless you ask,” she said.

Ireland added: I already hated being touched when I wasn’t pregnant and added, “Keep your hands in the car.”

Ireland announced her pregnancy on New Year’s Eve, posting a photo of her ultrasound and clicking on it with the caption, “Happy New Year.”

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