Is male pregnancy possible? Read to find out about sympathetic pregnancy

What if I told you that there are cases all over the world of men exhibiting exactly the same symptoms that pregnant women exhibit: weight gain, morning sickness, etc.? It is biologically impossible for a man to become pregnant. So why do so many men report feeling all the symptoms of pregnancy without other medical conditions being diagnosed, even though their partners may be pregnant? Because you may be suffering from a condition called Coubert Syndrome or Sympathetic Pregnancy.

The concept of sympathetic pregnancy was portrayed in the recently released film Mr. Mommy, starring Ritesh Deshmukh and Generia Deshmukh, and the film attempted to shed light on this puzzling condition.

What is sympathetic pregnancy?

As the name suggests, sympathetic pregnancy is quite similar to the concept of pity pain, when someone dear to us is in an unpleasant state, we feel too much for their pain. As a result, we often experience psychological pressure that turns into physical pain.

To learn more about this unique condition, HealthShots contacted Dr. Sushma Tomar, Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Fortis Hospital. Doctors explain that a sympathetic pregnancy is basically when a male partner or husband begins to show the same symptoms that a wife experiences early in pregnancy.

A husband can feel the pain of his pregnant wife, which can lead to a sympathetic pregnancy. Image credit: Shutterstock

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Sympathetic Pregnancy Suffering Symptoms

The doctor explains that the partner will start having all the symptoms associated with pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting, leg cramps, bloating, loss of appetite, cravings, mood swings and irritability, including morning sickness. Along with the onset, all other symptoms such as constipation, bloating and breast congestion are also present. “A sympathetic pregnancy is like a pregnancy minus the baby in your stomach,” says Dr. Tomar.

sympathetic pregnancy morning sickness
Symptoms such as morning sickness can also be seen in men.Image credit: Shutterstock

Causes of sympathetic pregnancy

This condition is commonly known as Coubert Syndrome and can occur at any time during pregnancy. This is mainly due to stress conditions when hormones start to be secreted in the body. “The husband may have anxiety and worry about the health of his partner or new baby, his financial situation, or about becoming a father. Also, this Kuberd Syndrome mainly develops in the intended father, but besides the husband, sisters and friends may also develop it.

sympathetic pregnancy
Seeing the mother stressed is the reason for sympathetic pregnancy.Image credit: Shutterstock

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Are sympathetic pregnancies dangerous?

“A sympathetic pregnancy doesn’t hurt either partner at all. In fact, it sheds light on how you view your feelings for each other,” says Dr. Tomar. The best way to do that, he suggests, is to “talk it out.” Both partners should express feelings and concerns related to pregnancy etc. The birth of a baby affects the future of both parents, so giving your partner a more active role and making decisions together during pregnancy will make both of you feel much better.

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