Jaguars fan creates hilarious presentation to convince pregnant wife he needs to be at Jets game

jacksonville, florida – Pedro Amador has been a Jacksonville Jaguars fan almost his entire life. After moving from Puerto Rico to Duval County when he was 9 years old, he immediately fell in love with football and teams.

For the past 21 years, he’s suffered from losing season after season.

Amador, 29, told News4JAX on Tuesday: “But staying loyal is the most important thing you have to do and represent your hometown. 2017 was also the best time of my life, so sticking it out makes those moments even better in a way.”

Now, after a stunning comeback victory over the Dallas Cowboys in overtime, the Jaguars are on the mend and have a chance to make the playoffs for the first time since the deep playoffs five years ago.

Thursday night, the Jaguars will likely need a win over the New York Jets in New Jersey to keep their playoff hopes alive. Amador wanted to go there.

Who knows next time they’ll be out hunting again, as he says?

But as many married men can understand, Amador first had to make sure everything was fine with his wife, Katie, who is currently pregnant with twins and isn’t a huge football fan.

The first time Amador asked if I could go, it was an instant no. So he devised an ingenious plan.

Amador, who regularly creates digital presentations for work, decided to create one for his wife. Just days before Christmas, Amador explained in detail all the reasons why he wanted to attend the important match. People saw the presentation and thought it was interesting.

A presentation set in “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra is titled “Why Pedro Should Be Allowed to Go to New York for TNF.”

Some of his best arguments are:

  • because it’s trevor [Lawrence] it’s him

  • My parents agreed to see our wonderful daughter one day if I took them to Alehouse to get some mountain melt

  • you can go shopping

  • Twitter’s Paul is on board (I don’t know Paul, but he’s on board and seems like a nice guy).

  • I’m going home for ChristmasReluctantly attends for your hated friends in time for dinner and holiday parties

  • Visit the filming locations of your favorite show, The Sopranos

  • Last time the Jaguar was good, it still had hair. Just like my hair, these good times don’t last forever, so you should enjoy them while you can.

Amador posted the presentation on Twitter and got a lot of love and support from the rest of #JagsTwitter.

“It’s like taking off,” he said. “I gained like 300 followers. I got like 1000 likes. It was the craziest thing.

But before he got a chance to discuss it in person, another Jacksonville TV station took notice, showing it on Monday’s evening news program.

“It was funny because my wife was at holiday parties and there was always news going on where she worked. She didn’t know anything. She looked up at the TV and there When he saw me saying, ‘Take Pedro to New York,’ he immediately called me. “What have you done?” said Amador. “She was shocked when she saw it. She thought I was playing a prank on her.

Ultimately, Katie said yes. But she had a few conditions, including new makeup, an overnight babysitter one night (including a dog), and an “accidental” credit card.

Pedro Amador, wife Katie and 2-year-old daughter Ava. (Copyright 2022 by WJXT News4Jax – All rights reserved.)

“Her biggest word was that she wanted naming rights to both twins. So I had to give it up to go to this match,” he laughed.

After hearing the story, Amador’s boss laughed and agreed to give him time off to go to the game, but he still has some things to lock down.

“So the last thing I have to do now is justify the price of these tickets and book that flight to get there,” he said.

Amador says he has found a friend to hang out with and is looking forward to going to the game with one of his closest friends. rice field.

“You’re amazing. You’re beautiful. I love you. You’re so patient. I’ll be back before Christmas, right? Have a great time, Katie. So be the coolest wife ever.” Thank you for this, I love you,” he said.

Copyright 2022 by WJXT News4JAX – All rights reserved.

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