Jedidiah Duggar’s Wife Katey Nakatsu Is Pregnant, Expecting Baby No. 2

Ready for Round 2! Jedidiah Dagger and his wife, Katey Nakatsuthey announced that they are expecting their second child.

“We’ve been keeping a big secret from our friends and family over the past few months,” the couple announced on their YouTube channel on Friday, Dec. 16. ! ”

In the clip, Nakatsu, 24, wore a celebratory sweater that read, “Joy to the World, oh I’m pregnant too.” A video showing how she announced her pregnancy to her family was shown.

The husband and wife duo explained their plan to share the news with their families at the annual Dagger Holiday Party. It is to be read.

When they arrived at family gatherings, Nakatsu had each member of the large Hina read aloud the message on the sweater before each family offered hugs and congratulations.

In one of the funniest moments of the video, Duggar had his father. Jim Bob Dagger, Read Nakatsu’s sweater. asked the real estate agent with a laugh as he processed the message. you are? “When Nakatsu-san told his father-in-law that it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, his father-in-law replied, “You only had one, didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes,” she replied.

of rely on The alum and the pilot tied the knot in April 2021 after a quiet year of dating. They announced they were expecting their first child just months later.

“She tested positive but not Covid 😉,” the Arkansas native wrote via Instagram in September 2021. In the snap, the reality star and his pregnant wife held a homemade sign that read, “And there were three. Baby Duggar Spring ’22.”

At the time, the TLC personality received backlash for its caption’s insensitivity amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

They later opened up about their parent-child journey in a video on their YouTube channel.Nakatsu said she “almost instantly knew she was pregnant,” she revealed.[ly]After taking a test at the local Walmart. “Wow, yeah!” Duggar said in a clip while driving away from the store.

In May, the Arizona native gave birth to his first child, a son. Born at 6:34 PM Sunday Monday. 8 lbs. 5 oz. 20.5 in.”

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