Jessi J talks ‘overwhelming’ emotions and hiding pregnancy: ‘I can’t sleep’

Jessi J shared her soul on social media after announcing the joys and horrors of motherhood.

The singer shared these heart-wrenching thoughts to Instagram Stories, admitting, “I can’t sleep because I’m laying here (at 2am).”

“I am thinking about the overwhelming amount of love and support I am feeling today. I can’t help but think of all the women and men who are still struggling with loss and infertility.”

“It feels so weird to be on this side of having a miscarriage and then a pregnancy after being told you’ll never get pregnant and how quickly it’s happening.”

She also added, “My mind has been silent for a long time because it really hasn’t fully processed what’s been going on for days.

“The initial apprehension was overwhelmed and I felt like I closed my eyes hoping that everything would be fine. Feeling the joy and celebration of this experience, I still cherish that moment so much.”

“I don’t even know what I mean. (sic),” added Jesse.

“I’m still with you and I haven’t forgotten anything. I still want to hug those who are trying. I don’t take this for a second and let this magical baby land safely.” I continue to pray every day.”

“I know you have been blessed with the greatest gift you have ever received, and I pray for you more than anything you have ever received. But I see it. I love you. (sic)”

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