Jessie J hits back as pregnancy update after miscarriage sparks huge response

Jessie J hit back at a critic who ‘how it feels’ after sharing her pregnancy update with her followers.

The 34-year-old British singer, who has spoken candidly about the pain she experienced after miscarrying in 2021, announced over the weekend that she is expecting a baby.

Watch the video above: Jessie J opens up in an inspiring new post

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“So happy and terrified to finally share this… please be gentle with me,” she wrote in the post.

“Honestly, you girls just want to wear a catsuit and eat chocolate-covered pickles without a question and cry ugly in public.”

Singer Jessie J is pregnant. credit: Instagram/Jessie J

Jessie J followed up with a video post about the not-so-good parts of the first semester.

The reel opens with video footage of her yawning, then of her throwing up in a bag, doubling down on a kitchen benchtop, and lying in bed sobbing.

Other snippets showed the star being trashed in a white gown, which she later explained to the camera. look at my condition ”

The star shared details of her first semester. credit: Instagram/Jessie J

While many fans sympathized and experienced the same problem early in her pregnancy, others disputed her post, saying she was “ungrateful.”

This prompted Jessie J to fight back and post a lengthy message on her Instagram story.

“Commenting on my pregnancy video is a whole new experience,” she wrote.

“It’s very interesting to observe how women treat each other.”

She said just because she finds the difficult side of her pregnancy doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate it.

“Pregnancy is the most intimate yet unique journey,” the message continued.

Jessie J is pregnant. credit: Instagram/Jessie J

“We all feel it and deal with it in our own way. Telling someone how you feel or what they should feel is not the way to do it.

“Pregnancy is not a race.

“Pregnancy isn’t about who’s doing better or right, because there’s no one way for everyone.

“I can only fully speak in the first semester, and I believe that gratitude is always given, no matter how wonderful, terrible, scary, or fun it may be.

Jessie J posted this message on Instagram. credit: Instagram/Jessie J

“But we are allowed to feel.

“We are allowed to do this as we wish.”

In a separate post, Jessie shared a video of the moment from her pregnancy so far, captioning it, “Happy, grateful and excited,” to underscore her claim.

In November 2021, Jessie revealed she had a miscarriage and was devastated by the news.

She revealed that her pregnancy was still a secret, but when she went for a scan, doctors couldn’t find a heartbeat.

“After a third scan, I was told there was no heartbeat,” she said.

“This morning. I feel like I’m not in control of my emotions. I might regret posting it. I might not. I really don’t know.”

“All I know is that I want to sing tonight.

“Not because I’m avoiding grief or process, but because I know singing tonight will help.”

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Jessie J reveals pregnancy news

Jessie J reveals pregnancy news

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