Jim And Pam’s Son On The Office Has Jenna Fischer’s Real-Life Pregnancy To Thank For His Existence

On a recent episode of the “Office Ladies” podcast, Fischer and co-star Angela Kinsey sat down with Greg Daniels, who adapted the show for American television, to discuss the Season 7 episode “PDA.” In the episode, Jim and Pam sneak out for a romantic rendezvous in the office closet while Daniels and Fisher reveal that Fisher’s own baby was on the way and that the couple decided it was time to conceive their second child. “So, shortly before this episode aired, I found out that I was pregnant in real life.. And what’s really crazy about it is, Greg, come over to your office later.” , because I told you and Paul that I was pregnant. And you were wondering if it should be written on the show.I can’t remember if it was you or Paul. Jim and Pam got pregnant at Dunder Mifflin! That closet where they got Philip!” It has been decided.

According to an interview with People, Fisher had a hunch that she might be pregnant when she filmed the episode “PDA,” and it all worked out. “When we started filming that episode, I thought, ‘If all goes well, this is going to be a very convenient coincidence,'” Fisher recalls. The timing worked perfectly, and Fisher’s pregnancy was written into the show without having to conveniently hide it for the entire series.

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