Joker’s Pregnancy was Caused by Zatanna

Zatanna inadvertently took responsibility for one of Joker’s strangest stories, but whether the story can be canon is debatable.

Jokers are known for going on wild adventures, but these days the Joker may be the weirdest yet. From “Knocked Upside Down” Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing In #4 (by Matthew Rosenberg, Francesco Francavilla, and Tom Napolitano), the Joker is cursed by Zatanna after making a pass at her and ends up pregnant with her own child. One sees Zatanna as a mother.

Aside from being one of the most disturbing stories of the Joker ever written, it also raises the important question of whether this event was canonical. There’s a lot of debate about how true these backup stories were.As a result, we have to assume that the Joker has a son.

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how the joker got pregnant

Zatanna curses the Joker

Like most of his backup stories, the Joker put his foot in his mouth around the wrong person. No one else will bear his baby,” cursed him. Unfortunately, in her anger and disgust at Joker’s charms, Zatanna inadvertently caused the very thing she was trying to prevent. accidentally consumed a significant amount and found out that she was pregnant in the morning.

A later visit to Doctor Phosphorus resulted in a bizarre birthing process as the Joker vomited out all the mud he had consumed and turned into a small, deformed creature that the Joker and his minions tried to kill. Shockingly enough, the creature transformed into a miniature version of the Joker and became the son he was never supposed to have, after which the two visited Zatanna and claimed her to be her “mother.” All in all, this is definitely one of Joker’s strangest adventures, but we have to ask if it’s canon.

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Is the Joker Pregnant a DC Canon?

joker is pregnant

The answer is probably no. The Joker is an unreliable narrator even at his best, and this story is told entirely from his point of view. However, given the inconsistencies surrounding this particular Joker, it’s possible that this is just a manifestation of his mind.

The Joker has killed them more than once in the course of these misfortunes. This time, one of them was shot dead while hunting the Joker’s children. Yet they continue to show up in the next story, as good as the new one, and act as if they didn’t die a horribly painful death in the previous issue. This also rules out multiverse theory. As a result, fans have to reasonably assume that this is not canon and that Zatanna does not share a mud monster son with the Joker.

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