JustaMinx shares “pregnancy” update on Twitter, leaves streaming community divided

Irish-born Twitch streamer Becca “JustaMinx” came under fire after posting a photo on Twitter claiming she was pregnant. Beccah jokingly posted a photo of her pregnancy kit on her social network, pretending she had run the test. However, after some time, the user discovered that the photo was taken from her Google. This shows that she’s just playing Christmas pranks.

Most of her fans hung out or walked away from the post, while others shared their reactions, calling out the streamer for allegedly making an insensitive joke under the guise of an obstetric exam.

The streamer herself responded by stating that it was all for a few laughs.

JustaMinx has maternity posts vetted by online communities

JustaMinx is used to making posts that raise eyebrows. Today (Dec. 26), the 26-year-old posted a photo of her maternity test tube on her Twitter account depicting that she is pregnant.

But the photo was not hers. Twitter users quickly realized that this photo was taken from her Google. The post received a lot of comments, and the reactions were very divided. Many shrugged her shoulders, but some slandered her.

Fellow Twitch streamer Kitsuqueen responded by stating that the post was a “shi**i” thing.

Twitch streamer calls out JustaMinx (Image via Twitter)
Twitch streamer calls out JustaMinx (Image via Twitter)

Another user shared a heartfelt message stating that motherhood is a dream for many and the post may have been painful for some.

@TKYprismdr3ams @coolista @kitsu_queen @Justa Minx I don’t think it’s selfish to wish you could have a baby yourself. Motherhood is a dream for many, and some look forward to it. Knowing that you can’t carry your child can be crushing.

Other relevant reactions are:

The streamer herself shared her reaction after watching the detractors.She claimed heavy medication was preventing her from getting pregnant.

“Hey baby, I’m kidding. I’m literally infertile because of the epileptic drugs. Block it and move on.”

@rae_rae_tastic Hey baby, it’s a joke. I am literally infertile because of my epilepsy medication.block me and move on

At the same time, many users seemed to agree with JustaMinx’s casual approach to posting. Here are some of the tweets:

@Justa Minx Cheeky Mother Ark will be madly intense, but we’re here for the decisions you make. You are amazing and I hope this works for you 🖤

@Justa Minx Do you mind if I have them when you’re done? 👅

@Justa Minx Coming to push down stairs stats

Her post was shared by popular social media creator Daniel “Keemstar”, who sarcastically tweeted:

He also posted a screenshot of Becca’s earlier response, posting:

Becca replied:

Becca applauds Keemster for sensationalizing her tweet (Image via Twitter)
Becca applauds Keemster for sensationalizing her tweet (Image via Twitter)

This isn’t the first time JustaMinx has been in trouble. In September 2022, Twitch streamer Her Toxxxicsupport shared her Twitlonger accusing Becca of being toxic towards her. Click here to read the full story.

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