Kambua Recounts Pregnancy Changes after Giving Birth with Baby Bump Photo: “I’ve Lost Lots of Hair”

  • Media personality Kambua Mathu rolled back the curtain of memories with heartwarming pregnancy bump photo
  • Adorable mom recalled previous experience during pregnancy trip where body changes abound
  • She said she lost a lot of her hair, adding that it fell out in clumps during her pregnancy trip.

Pregnancy comes with many changes, including physical and emotional ones that are inevitable.

Gospel musician Kambua Matu explains the transformation of pregnancy. Photo: Cambua Matu.
Source: Instagram

Kenyan artist Kambua Matu shared a photo of her adorable baby bump as she reflected on her pregnancy journey.

Cambua showing off her baby bump

Gospel musicians, like most pregnant women, went through myriad changes during pregnancy.

“I am still amazed at what the human body is capable of…! Ladies, what is the biggest change you have experienced during/after pregnancy?” she asked.

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Cambua encouraged women who prayed to have children, and women who had lost children with warm messages wore dresses that hugged their bodies and showed off their lovely pregnancy bumps.

She held a gorgeous Apple phone as she took pictures of herself, gleefully looking at her baby bump.

The singer, who said childless women are also women, revealed the changes she’s undergone.

“Let’s start: After having my second baby, my shoe size went up 1.5 sizes. Also, after all my pregnancies, I lost a lot of hair. It literally falls out in clumps!

It’s your turn‍♀️,” she said.

social media reaction

Her fans flocked to the comments section to share their pregnancy experiences.


“I broke my tooth yesterday. As if nothing had happened, it fell out. Wow, I don’t know what to say.”

Deuce Derrick:

“Congratulations, God hasn’t done your thing yet. He’s preparing you for great things to come.”

Simon Montero 4:

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“Congratulations. I am overwhelmed with how politely you interact with your fans and followers. You earned my respect ❤️.”


“The first time I gained 20kg. Can you believe it added stretch marks? But the third time I was shocked just because the shoe size changed. Kwani miguu zinanona.”


Second child: “I lost half of my teeth with my second child! I was eating Gizari, so I thought it was Ni Mahindi. I couldn’t even chew. The self-awareness I wanted, and the blessings of God abound!”


“Beauty of stretch marks as shoe size increased from 39 to 40.”


“My shoe size is now half a shoe size as well. Also, my bangs here are gone so you can literally see your hair falling out.”

Cambua announces pregnancy

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A month ago, nearly two years after losing her newborn son, Cambua announced her pregnancy.

Media personality and husband Jackson Matu lost his second daughter, Malachi, in February 2021.

Cambua had trouble conceiving before her first pregnancy in 2019, with some people calling her infertile.

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