Keke Palmer Dishes On Baby And Pregnancy With Boyfriend Darius Jackson

To Corey Atad.

Keke Palmer found out she was pregnant thanks to her boyfriend.

In a new episode of her podcast “Baby, This Is Keke Palmer,” released today, both the “No” star and boyfriend Darius Jackson learned they were expecting their first baby. I’ll talk about what

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“My baby was definitely planned. As such, we weren’t sitting at the blackboard and writing anything…we were definitely moving in an atmosphere of absolutely no surprises.” It seemed to do,” said Palmer.

“But it’s so funny because it turns out that I’m actually Darius,” she continued, because there weren’t really any signs she was pregnant, but she felt she could be pregnant anyway. underwent a pregnancy test.

“I was tested and the results were negative,” Palmer said. “There wasn’t any dialogue there, so I threw it in the trash.”

She remembered going out to dinner with a friend. ”

Jackson had sent a picture of a pregnancy test, which actually showed it was positive.

“I couldn’t wait!” said Palmer. “And I’m like, ‘I took it today, literally like hours before I dropped out.’ I’m buying 10 of these things right now.Take them all when you get home.’As soon as I get home,I’m not kidding times in a row…all positive.

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But Jackson has jumped in to clarify a few things about Palmer’s story.

“First, let’s set the record straight,” he said. “You know, I didn’t dig the trash can. Cleaning lady, she just emptied the trash can. So when I went to the bathroom, I could only see one item in the trash can. It was I was like, ‘Well, she took a pregnancy test today. let me

he continued. It was actually a very fine line, solid and straight. And I said, “This is actually a positive pregnancy test right now.”

Jackson then went out to buy a pregnancy test to be ready when his girlfriend got home.

“When Keke came back, I had a couple of bottles of water ready.

Palmer revealed that she was pregnant during a host appearance on “Saturday Night Live” in December.

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