Keke Palmer Says Pregnancy Cleared Up Her Acne

After years of struggling with adult acne, Keke Palmer has finally found a solution. It’s pregnancy!

She just posted on Instagram showing how pretty her face has become since being pregnant with her baby.

“I know my face is covered in makeup and you can’t see it right now, but if you’re really into it, I want you to see that everything here is very flat,” she said in the video. Told. Her face so that all sides can be seen perfectly.

“What that means is that if you get discoloration, you get discoloration, you get no bumps, no bumps,” she continued. You’re here to find out the secret to curing acne and guess what it is?You have to knock up.period point blank period.”

“I have clear skin because I’m pregnant with a baby now. Baby cleared my skin!”

Moving the camera closer to her face, Keke added:

She then joked that people might start calling her Keke Wyatt from now on because she’s about to get pregnant. [her] Life” — The singer of the same name, best known for her 2001 song “Nothing in This World,” apparently teases that she continues to have babies.

From her story here, you can see Keeks looking fresh in this photo:

For what it’s worth, it’s true that pregnancy can bring some benefits to your skin, but pregnancy acne is also very important, likely due to increased hormone levels in your body.

Anyway, I nearly threw my phone when I saw her post. I love Keke, but not Ma’am! I’m keeping my acne for now. But congratulations!

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