Keke Palmer Thinks Her Cat Knows She’s Pregnant

Keke Palmer isn’t the only member of her family enjoying her first pregnancy. Apparently her cat is really into it too. Like, she’s really into it. And already No The actress worries about how her cat will react when the baby arrives. This is a good understanding of the situation for pet lovers who become parents.

Palmer announced she was pregnant with her first baby with boyfriend Darius Jackson in her saturday night live Monologue in December. “There are some rumors going around. People are saying in my comments, ‘Keke has a baby, Keke is pregnant.’ I want to set the record straight. I am.” At that point, she opened her jacket and shared her baby bump with the world. It’s bad when people on the internet spread rumors about you, but it’s even worse when they’re right. I’m going to be a mother!”

Since then, expectant moms have been sharing pregnancy updates, babymoon photos in maternity swimsuits, and more on social media.

Perhaps her cat Jackie (yes, Jackie) follows Palmer on social media because Palmer has become so focused on her pregnant belly. ‘My cat Jackie can tell babies are coming,’ says Palmer murmured on Wednesday. “Oh my god, but she clings like never before. Now she’s climbing on top of me to cuddle. She’ll be smitten. Any hints?”

Jackie’s new cling isn’t all that uncommon. Cats tend to crave warmth, and pregnant bellies give off a lot of warmth, he explains Flo Health. Cats can also sense changes in your behavior, body chemistry, and health, and may become more aware of their people in general.

So that’s the official answer. Twitter had several different responses.cats have keen hearing You can hear your baby’s heartbeat in your belly. she knows you’re pregnant ’ This frightened Palmer, who responded. is she happy? ? Is that why she wants to get closer? Or does she give suffocation and murder??”

Luckily, another Twitter user stepped in and reassured her that Jackie meant no harm (to be fair, can we be sure?). “Jackie will be your helper. Lying next to the baby and purringJackie’s maternal instincts are kicking in. beautiful!

At least Palmer will have more opportunities to cuddle with cats before babies are born. stay tuned.

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