‘Labor of Love’ – Doula care among the many ways pregnancy help organization supports moms in unplanned pregnancy

The Northwestern Iowa Pregnancy Assistance Organization provides women with comprehensive health care, including free or low-cost doula services for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies or experiencing financial hardship, and helps them get help when they need it. reduce the burden on

“Our goal with the Guiding Star Center is to establish this women’s health care center movement that truly respects the mind, body and spirit of women,” said Cary Van, Executive Director of Guiding Star Suland. Midendorp said. “The Guiding Star Project is a national movement of women’s health care centers.”

Guiding Star Siouxland provides natural reproduction and family planning, pregnancy and childbirth services, breastfeeding and postnatal services, and family life services.

Van Middendorp and her team Clayton Model FertilityCare SystemEducate women about their cycles and fertility, and help them understand how their bodies work to move closer to natural family planning.

“Our goal by leading the Star Center is to establish this movement of women’s health care centers that truly respect women’s minds, bodies and spirits,” she said.

Guiding Star Sulandis located in Sault Center, Iowa, and assists women experiencing unintended pregnancies.

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“There are places and times of crisis intervention that pregnancy clinics do very well,” she said. There is a referral to a health care provider that is typically referred to.”

Van Middendorp and her staff assisted nine women in 2022 who experienced an unplanned pregnancy and seriously considered abortion as an option.

“We want to fully support these women,” Van Midendorp said.

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Make the doula service available

One way Guiding Star Siouxland provides support is labor of love program.

Doulas provide physical and emotional support throughout the labor and provide information on what to expect and what to do. Services include two appointments, prenatal and postnatal. The doula waits from 38 weeks until her 42nd week until she gives birth.

Applicants submit a statement of financial need for the Labor of Love program.

“They fill out a form asking their name and why they’re interested in a doula because it’s important to us,” she said.

Guiding Star Suland

The regular cost for a certified doula is $700 and the Guiding Start intern fee is $500. Fees include consulting to ensure a good match between client and doula.

Guiding Star Siouxland asks women if they can contribute financially to programs and services as a way to encourage personal investment in participation.

Van Middendorp says:

“Any of our moms experiencing unplanned pregnancies or financial difficulties can apply for the program,” she said.

Tweet this: Mothers experiencing unplanned pregnancies or financial difficulties can apply to Guiding Star Siouxland’s Labor of Love Doula program.

Other programs and services

Additionally, Guiding Star Siouxland offers an educational program for under-teen girls with positive results.

“We started an educational program for girls aged 9 to 13 on The Cycle Show,” said Van Middendorp. , allowing them to better value, protect and respect themselves, their bodies and their fertility. ”

“We are seeing good results,” she said. pregnancy help news“We’re seeing a decline in unplanned pregnancies.”

cary van midendorp
Guiding Star Suland

Through such education and services, van Midendorp hopes that communities at the Sault Center and surrounding areas will experience “less violence against women, less breastfeeding struggles and birth trauma, and less postnatal depression.” Said he wanted

“What we’re seeing is a cascade of improvements,” she said. “And that’s our real goal across the Guiding Star project.”

“A lot of it is just listening to clients,” says Van Middendorp.

She and her staff also serve women who have had abortions.

“We serve all women,” she said. “We provide post-abortion support and have programs that can refer them in addition to general counseling during the post-abortion period.”

“We talk a lot,” says Van Middendorp. Your choice is yours. If you choose to have an abortion, come back and receive quality care. ”

Van Midendorp added that none of the nine abortion-seeking clients he served at Guiding Star Suland this year opted for an abortion.

“Thankfully, Glory to God, none of the nine women chose to have an abortion this year,” she said.

history and future

Guiding Star Siouxland started in 2016. He also has two centers in other towns in Iowa. MinnesotaTexas, floridaand also in Tennessee Guiding Star Facility.

The organization’s services are comprehensive with services for women and families.

Guiding Star Suland Nursery
Guiding Star Suland

“We have women who come to us for fertility education who want to know about natural family planning,” said van Midendorp. “And couples come to us through infertility.” We serve families through pregnant clients with miscarriages and baby loss.”

After offering virtual services for several years, the center will reopen in spring 2022 and continues to add face-to-face services, including in-house ultrasound. Guiding Star Suland has an ultrasound machine and is looking for a nurse manager.

Women find Guiding Star Siouxland in a variety of ways, including online, but referrals from others, including medical professionals, are the main source of client traffic, Van Middendorp said.

“Friends know we provided that support,” she said. “We have a church that refers clients to local health care providers, and we have two local hospitals in our community.”

Health centers are really close by and offer many referrals.In addition, we have service partners such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, photographers and massage therapists.

“All sorts of people are giving us information to pregnant clients,” said Van Middendorp.

As the new year approaches, van Midendorp said Guiding Star Suland has one big goal: to resume offering ultrasound.

She has witnessed a pregnant mother’s mind change when she sees her little one on an ultrasound screen, so she knows the images are valuable in helping undecided clients choose the life of their unborn child. .

“It’s very important to have ultrasound working again next year and have a full medical clinic,” she said. “That’s our future goal.”

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