Lacey Chabert Talks The Wedding Veil Expectations Big Avery and Peter News, Bringing Pregnancy to Hallmark

After watching The Wedding Veil Expectations, are you as fascinated by the continuation of Avery and Peter’s relationship as you were when you first met on The Wedding Veil?

If you read my previous interview with Lacey Chabert, you may have noticed a reference that felt unfinished.

It was unfinished as Lacy shared her thoughts on some of the movie’s details.

From my point of view, The Wedding Veil Expectations was a lot of fun. As Lacy has pointed out in previous interviews, seeing how Avery and Peter’s relationship has grown is an aspect of her that makes this second trilogy worth the effort. Just one.

Overall there were some really funny scenes, but especially between Lacey and Kevin McGarry, who plays Peter, I didn’t want to ruin it.

Avery and Peter share a sweet moment

There is also some conversation about this new avenue of Hallmark programming that has never been done on marriage and family after the traditional meet-cute.

The exciting anticipation comedy was about how worried Avery is about getting pregnant again after being disappointed with a previous miscarriage.

Avery put Peter before herself and asked for as much information as possible about the pregnancy before sharing it with Peter.

It wasn’t a dark secret she had, and Avery struggled to hide her excitement.

Kevin McGarry as Peter

“I think Avery obviously has a big secret that she’s trying to tell Peter and share with him in the most perfect way,” Lacy said.

It ends up being something that happens in a very organic and real way. So much comedy follows. I think there are a lot of real life moments that end up in the comedy beats of the movie. ”

One of my personal favorites was after Avery told Peter a fun secret. As a result of lying to keep the secret, Avery would rather buy a minivan than admit to lying to her friend.

Lacey laughed. “Because she has to! Avery is so pure in her heart that she has to make it true. She can’t live lying.”

Capture memories in front of the veil

What was even better was how easy it was for Peter to get on the ride by accepting her needs and promising to buy that minivan.

“Yes,” Lacey said. “I really think they’re an example of characters who put each other first. And I think it’s really beautiful and sweet.

In a previous interview, Lacy talked about how deepening her friendship with her Wedding Veil co-stars Alison Sweeney and Autumn Reaser meant to her.

They learned to rely on each other in that regard as they raised their families during that experience.

Alison Sweeney, Autumn Reaser, Lacey Chabert

Wedding Veil Expectations brings a whole new concept. It’s the first time we’ve explored relationships from marriage to childbirth, and Lacy shared her thoughts on bringing marriage and pregnancy to Hallmark.

“I think it’s such a beautiful experience. For me, the excitement of being pregnant and waiting for my daughter’s birth was the greatest blessing,” Lacy said.

“I feel so lucky to have been able to tell a certain part of the story with Wedding Veil and be able to go on that journey with Avery because it’s such a special time. I’ve grown through experience and I have my own life experiences, but I think it’s all just telling the stories I tell and the work I do.

“I always try to incorporate myself as much as possible to make it as real as possible.”

canoeing near the painting

In the first trilogy, owning a wedding veil had a similar impact on everyone’s life.

As to whether the second trilogy will follow the same pattern, or whether each lead in each chapter will experience something unique, Lacy said, “It’s a great question because the answer is yes or no.

“The legend of the Veil lives on and continues to influence the lives of others, but now that the three women are married, their next step in embracing life is a little bit different in their own way. They look different, their own challenges.

“I think they’re surprised by their choices, too. And life can surprise you, and the road can be a little unexpected at times. I see you there.”

Autumn Reaser, Alison Sweeney, Lacey Chabert

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see how the next chapter unfolds.The next two films are Wedding Veil Inspiration and Wedding Veil’s Journey.

The wedding veil inspiration premiered on Saturday, January 14, and Paolo’s lace shop is about to open, working hard to prove she can step into the role of head of department. Find Emma (Leather) who is

When Emma butts heads with the current head of the department, she begins to reevaluate her life choices. With the support of her Paolo and the magic of Veil, Emma hopes to find her courage to stop planning her own life and start living it.

The Wedding Veil’s Journey premiered on Saturday, January 21st on August 7th, and with Tracy (Sweeney) in charge of the auction house and Nick’s restaurant being a huge success, he’s looking to expand .

record another visit for posterity

The price of their success was robbing them of the time they spent together, so they agree to go on a long-awaited honeymoon to Greece for some rest and relaxation.

Unplanned travel delays cost us the hotel we had booked, but staying on a remote island instead could be a dream come true.

we are excited! how about you Share your thoughts on the latest chapter of the Wedding Veil trilogy below!

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