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Editor, madam:

In my opinion, the birth of a child is a special occasion, but the birth of child after child should be soothing rather than celebratory. It is ironic that Juliette Cuthbert Flynn, the Deputy Minister of Health and Human Services, accidentally congratulated her 14-year-old mother on Christmas Day on the birth of her twins. She has two reasons for this.

First, nearly two years ago, Cuthbert-Flynn was touting the Caribbean Policy Research Institute’s (CAPRI) study on abortion as ammunition against current legislation. At the time, CAPRI recommended that her teen, who became pregnant, be able to have a taxpayer-funded abortion without parental consent. This is because in the brief moment when a 14-year-old mother of twins said her pregnancy was “unwelcome” if the Cuthbert-Flynn abortion proposal became law, she had a clear and definite commitment to abortion without her parents. Implying that it may have had a legitimate route. ‘Knowledge. Interestingly, her parents were aware of the situation and stepped in to offer her support and encouragement. And then Minister Cuthbert-Flynn would celebrate the birth of twins who could have been legally killed in the womb had abortions been legal. (Changes in perceptions and behavior after changes in the law are well documented. Compare before and after slavery in the UK, before and after same-sex marriage. Law vs Wade in the United States).

Second, it is interesting that this situation of twins being born at the age of 14 occurred less than a month after the public debate about raising the age of consent raged on. It’s like a parody. Having twins at 14 is scary, but can you really believe that having twins at 16 is a good thing? Not ready for the all-important role of parenthood. Consent for sex is consent for pregnancy and parenting, and in fact children should not have sex, have children, or become parents.

It is guaranteed that the Center for Sexual Crimes and Child Abuse Research will investigate such cases. At the same time, the message to children must be clear: parenting. I hope 2023 will be better.

Daniel Thomas


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