Little girl’s reaction to mother’s pregnancy is adorable

The girl’s reaction melted the hearts of many netizens. Photo: Instagram/Navy Thaplyyal

major highlights

  • A girl identified as Navya was seen reacting to her mother’s pregnancy.
  • The girl excitedly explained how to pamper her brother.
  • This clip has garnered over 38,000 likes.
The internet is certainly not short of content. In addition to the mountains, these days, many families are seen releasing sex- and pregnancy-revealing clips. Since the clip, the girl and her reactions have gone viral.

In the video, a girl identified as Navya is said to be a sister by her mother. However, the girl is puzzled at first.

She says she is already Archie’s older sister to their dog. Later, the mother, identified as Sirpi, speaks out to the little girl who will soon become a baby girl or boy’s little sister. In response, Navya tells her mother that she already has a younger brother and wants a younger sister.

The girl also explains to her mother all the different ways to take care of her little brother.

The adorable video was captioned.”

Navya’s reaction impressed many users. The Instagram video was well received. “Certainly, Pia Pie will be the most affectionate Didi. She’s already ready to take on a lot of responsibilities. Look at the list, which includes diaper changes (the best part is she was Ewww ),” wrote one user.

Another said, “Why is she so sweet? Her innocence, her love for baby Sista…you are truly blessed with a little angel.”

The clip garnered over 38,000 likes and was shared on Navya’s Instagram page.

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