Man arrested for aborting girlfriend’s pregnancy to avoid marriage

  • … two pharmacists detained for abortion

Abuja’s Zuba police launched an investigation into the pregnancy of a 17-year-old girl and then performed an illegal abortion on her.

Musa Alhasan, the commander of the region’s vigilante group, said while speaking to City & Crime over the weekend that the matter was initially reported to their office last week by the parents of the girl who said her daughter had been kidnapped. Stated.

“They allege that a girl, a JSS 3 student, was held by the first suspect, 41-year-old Jamil Abdullahi, for more than two weeks after discovering she was pregnant.

“We found a girl in the suspect’s custody in the Chaza community of Sureha, where the suspect rented a room. , said the matter was brought to the guardian of Suleja town, where an agreement had been reached on how he would take care of her and marry her.

He said it was unknown to them, but while the discussion was ongoing, the suspect gave some friends N10,000 to terminate the pregnancy.

“She was given an abortion pill by a second suspect, a pharmacist in the town of Madalla, and then given an injection by a third suspect, another pharmacist in the town of Suleja. I was beaten,” said the vigilante leader.

He also said three suspects were turned over to police in Zuba earlier last week, while the girl, who was five months pregnant before the aforementioned abortion, was taken to a town clinic for treatment. Stated.

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