Man charged in shooting of pregnant mom outside Amazon Fulfillment Center in Lakeville

A man has been charged in connection with the shooting of a pregnant woman outside an Amazon fulfillment center in Lakeville.

Donte Rapheal McCray, 32, St. Louis Park, has been charged with second-degree murder in the January 8 shooting of 31-year-old Kyla Bianca O’Neal. When O’Neal forced him to back her car, he was angry, so he pointed her gun at her and fired.

The couple had had a fight earlier in the day over McCrae’s infidelity, the indictment says.

After being shot in the neck and not responding, O’Neill was rushed to hospital where an emergency caesarean section was performed to save her unborn child, according to the complaint. The child’s condition is critical after the medical staff has “finally taken a pulse”.

Accusation against McCray

O’Neal died from a subsequent gunshot wound that crossed her cervical spine, the indictment said.

Police said O’Neill’s key partner and father of her newborn, McCrae, “seemed distraught.” McCray told officers that he and her O’Neal had been arguing almost all day after she found out O’Neal had another child with another woman while pregnant. . Eventually McCray took the lift to his mother’s house with all his belongings, but O’Neill came and picked him up and took him to work in Lakeville.

When they arrived in Lakeville, McCray found a gun in his bag and wanted to “put away” the live gun, as he was concerned about ensuring the safety of his children. said the indictment. During this time, McCray said he accidentally fired while trying to remove his gun, hitting the victim in the neck.

But then, after police reviewed surveillance video from an Amazon fulfillment center parking lot, McCray changed his story. She had shown McCrae running alongside her car as O’Neal was driving, but she parked in a nearby spot and backed up, pushing McCrae backwards. When O’Neill backed off, McCrae told police that he was upset that her door had run into him, raised her gun, and shot at her. He claimed that when he fired, he didn’t know there was still a bullet in the chamber. McCray told police that he had taken two firearm safety courses.

Witnesses told police that McCrae was familiar with guns. said, and had cell phone permits.

According to O’Neill’s mother, O’Neill was angry at MacRae’s infidelity, and when she gave birth to the baby, she told him that the baby could not be named after O’Neill. He said that the couple had quarreled on the day of the shooting.

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