Man Prioritizing Son’s Dog Over Wife’s Pregnancy Praised: ‘Isn’t a Threat’

A father asked on Reddit if it was wrong for him to refuse to bring his teenage son’s dog home. Despite his new wife’s insistence.

Reddit user TheGreatestGreatDane explained that his 14-year-old son started getting dogs shortly after his mother died when he was 8. “My son loves this dog, takes care of everything (except the vet) and is a very responsible dog owner. This dog is almost his best friend.”

The father explained that his new wife is 12 weeks pregnant and has recently been feeling insecure about dogs. He explains how she avoids dogs.

Are Dogs Overprotective of Pregnant Women?

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs can detect hormonal changes during pregnancy because of their superior sense of smell. Some experts believe that dogs may be able to sense changes in pregnant women before they do. He said they may behave differently, “increasing their natural need to protect, which can make dogs very sensitive to potential dangers.”

The OP explains that his wife is worried the dog will jump on her and harm the baby, calling this “completely unreasonable. He doesn’t jump on people… The dog never growled at her.” The father said, “My son got this dog right after he lost his mother and imprinted on him strongly.Sometimes I think he loves dogs more than I do! I love his I don’t have a dog with me.The dog did nothing!..the dog is not a threat to her pregnancy.

What do the experts say?

Newsweek We spoke with Ruth E. Freeman, president and founder of Peace At Home Parenting Solutions.

“Dad is very aware of the importance of his son’s connection to the dog. This relationship between the child and the pet was after the death of the son’s mother, so this connection seems really important.” is almost certainly correct: when it comes to stepmothers, anxiety is an emotional and physical state that signals that we are in danger and that we need to do something about it. Our conclusions about what should be done may not always be accurate.

teenager and dog. Stock image. A pregnant woman insisted that her son-in-law get rid of the dog she had bonded with after her mother died.
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“It is important that a father listens carefully to his wife’s concerns and reflects them with understanding and compassion. Dad might be.. Offers to do some research to find a cure for his wife related to this baseless but real fear. You may want to offer to attend therapy sessions with her as a source and learn how he can help. Regardless of the source, cognitive behavioral therapy can make a big difference in the phobia that might be going on in this case.

What does Reddit think?

A Reddit user voted that the father is not a********.

User Sendmedoge agreed with Freeman. Another user suggested that fathers should be careful not to “take matters into their own hands, take the dog somewhere, or hurt the dog,” while user jmurphy42 said: said to Unreasonable anxiety. Doctors need to know.

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