Metformin exposure in pregnancy poses no risk of SGA, LGA in infants | Latest news for Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists

Ensure that exposure to metformin in utero does not place infants at a smaller-for-gestational-age (SGA) or greater-for-gestational-age (LGA) risk than unexposed infants. One study found that

This Finnish population registry-based cohort study included single children born in:
2004-2016. These included 3,964 of her children exposed to metformin in utero and 82,675 of her unexposed children. The researchers performed an additional analysis in a subcohort of the metformin cohort restricted to children of mothers with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM; n=2,361).

Median gestational age at birth was 39.4 weeks in the metformin cohort and 39.9 weeks in the naive cohort. The median maternal age at delivery was 32 years in the metformin cohort and 31 years in the naïve her cohort, and each mother’s pre-pregnancy body mass Her index median was 29.7 kg/her. was m.2 and 26.9kg/m2Each.

SGA was reported in 2.3% of children in the metformin cohort, 2.0% in the naive cohort, and 2.2% in the metformin GDM subcohort.In the main analysis, exposure to metformin was not associated with increased SGA risk (treatment-weighted odds ratio [wOR]0.97, 95% confidence interval [CI]0.73–1.27) and metformin-GDM subcohort analysis (wOR, 1.01, 95% CI, 0.75–1.37).

LGA was reported in 4.0% of children in the metformin cohort, 4.1% in the naive cohort, and 4.7% in the metformin-GDM subcohort. Similarly, exposure to metformin was significantly associated with LGA risk in the primary analysis (wOR, 0.91, 95% CI, 0.75–1.11) and the metformin-GDM subcohort analysis (wOR, 0.72, 95% CI, 0.56–0.92). did not contribute to the increase. .

The zero effect of metformin on SGA risk is consistent with results from studies using metformin in non-diabetic pregnancies. I have evidence to report.

As such, researchers caution against the use of metformin given the emergence of growth restriction in utero. asked for

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