Millie Bobby Brown Stirs Pregnancy Rumors With Unclear Video

millie bobby brown has been enjoying paradise for the past few weeks and posted another heavenly montage from her tropical trip with her boyfriend. Jake Bonjovion Instagram.

But unlike the past few vacation snaps, this new video has caused confusion among fans who mistakenly believed the footage contained a pregnancy announcement.

In addition to moments of Brown dancing, scuba diving and jet skiing, there are a few short clips showing beaches with bioluminescent microbes (tiny creatures that give off light due to chemical reactions in their bodies), and some in dark waters. illuminates the area of

One of those clips was also a thumbnail of the video when viewed on Brown’s main Instagram grid, and for some, this looked like an ultrasound.

In many ultrasound images, the image is all black with a bright, generally bluish light accentuating the growing baby.

Braun’s video shows mostly black, with the exception of bright blue waves with a unique, organic shape, so at first glance someone could mistake it for an ultrasound.

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