Molly Bernard got pregnant via ‘home insemination’

‘Young’ star Molly Bernard has revealed that she got pregnant in an unconventional way.

The actress, who is expecting her first child with wife Hannah Lieberman, shared in a new interview that the couple conceived via home artificial insemination.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have a queer woman who’s been my doctor for nearly a decade. So I asked her, ‘How do Hannah and I get into this world trying to have a baby?’ can you

“And my doctor said, ‘Honestly, you and Hannah are going to get sperm and have sex at home, like so many people around the world do, even if you decide to. I think you should. It can be really fruitful so it’s a good idea to see if it works before you do any fertility treatment.

Molly Bernard and Hannah Lieberman
Molly Bernard has revealed that she got pregnant in an unconventional way.
Instagram/Molly Bernard

After Bernard, 34, tied the knot with Lieberman in September 2021, they spoke to a fertility doctor about whether her body could have a baby.

When she was given the go-ahead, the couple turned to a home insemination system that would allow people to conceive in a non-clinical setting.

Molly Bernard and Hannah Lieberman
Bernard and Hannah Lieberman revealed their pregnancy news last month.

“I discovered Mosey Baby on Instagram one day and told Hannah about it. It sounded so interesting that I did some research and ordered it,” Bernard explained.

“I had just finished shooting a movie in Los Angeles and I was just ovulating, so Hannah and I wanted to try that month. We were able to have sex in the privacy of the space and my wife inseminated me,” she continued.

“It worked miraculously.”

When people ask him how he got pregnant, Bernard replies:

Molly Bernard
The ‘young’ star got pregnant via ‘home insemination’.
Instagram/Molly Bernard

She added: It doesn’t matter if you’re queer or hetero. So I feel very lucky that this worked. ”

The actress said there is a “secretiveness” to the reality of her pregnancy, relying on the likes of BFF Hilary Duff and her friend Mandy Moore.

“Hilary is basically my mom at this point,” Bernard said.

“I literally call or text her and say, ‘Hey mom, I have a question.’ Every little ailment, every pain, every bloating, every first kick I’ve had. She was my fearless guide.”

The “Lizzie McGuire” alum, 35, named her “Younger” co-star godmother to daughter Banks, now 4, when she was born in 2018.

Bernard also officiated at Duff’s backyard wedding to Matthew Koma in December 2019.

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old “This Is Us” alum, mother of two, also offered some words of wisdom for mother-to-bes.

“I saw Mandy recently when I was in LA. She was a few weeks postpartum and just glowing,” she said.

“That’s funny, [pregnancy] Everyone was in the womb, so it’s the most ubiquitous thing I’ve ever done. , there is amazing intimacy and solidarity. ”

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