Mom declares ‘B-shaped’ pregnancy bellies are ‘normal and beautiful’ in TikTok PSA

This pregnant mom encourages other moms to have a B-shaped belly.

A “B” belly is when the pregnancy bump looks wrinkled down the middle. This invisible “waistband” makes it look like a “B” as opposed to the more common “D” shape.

B-shapes are more common in people who are overweight, but can actually occur in parents of any build. Factors such as height, weight, muscle and bone structure all contribute to the appearance of bumps. .

TikTok mom @thehanleyfam showed off her B shape at 13 weeks pregnant.

“PSA: Pregnant Type B bellies are normal and beautiful too,” read the video text.

The expectant mother proudly patted the B-shaped bump and wrote in the caption, “I love my belly and you should love yours too.”

People in the comments stood by the mom and shared their own belly anecdotes.

“For the first time, I wasn’t type B.. but this time it was strange to realize that my belly was literally type B,” one person commented.

“I love seeing other people have it because I do it for my stomach surgery scars,” said the user.

“Hahaha, I just thought everyone looked like this and other people were better at hiding it,” TikToker replied.

“I’m also 13 weeks with a B belly. I just don’t look pregnant,” someone added.

“My stomach looks more like a belly than it did during pregnancy. It’s now day 12,” wrote another.

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