Mom Lifted Weights Through Pregnancy: See Her ‘Buff’ Baby

A British mother flexes her muscular infant on TikTok.

“If you keep lifting weights all your pregnancy and your baby comes out of your belly with muscles,” Yoana Banda, 26, captioned the Jan. 27 video.

In the now viral clip, Vanda is seen doing various strength-training exercises during her late pregnancy, including cable bicep curls.

“The first time I gave her a bath, I looked at my husband and said, ‘Baby, she’s got muscles. She’s got big, big muscles,'” Vanda, a youth sports coach, told TODAY. tells .com

And the Internet agrees.

“Better shoulders than mine,” one person wrote in a comment on Banda’s TikTok video.

“He’s stronger than I am,” he added.

Born on November 11, Aria also has a strong neck, Banda said. She had her head up at 2 weeks old. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, this milestone usually occurs between the first and second months of life.

TikTokers can’t overcome baby Ariah’s muscles.Courtesy Yoana Banda

According to Lisa Thiel, M.D., maternal-fetal medicine at Corewell Health in Michigan, explaining Ariah’s burly physique to her mother is fun, but it doesn’t work.

“There is no link between the mother and her exercise regime and the compatibility with the baby’s muscle mass during pregnancy,” Thiel tells

However, it is very likely that Vanda’s healthy, protein-rich diet during pregnancy played a role in the development of Aria.

“There is a role for epigenetics in pregnancy, and the best example is nutrition,” explains Thiel. “A healthy diet during pregnancy can have significant health benefits for your child.”

Thiel notes that no baby active in the womb will come out like Hercules.

“They extend and bend their arms and fingers to activate their nervous system and move,” she says. .”Related video:

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