Mom Says Her Dog Alerted Her That Her Pregnancy Was At Risk

Dogs really are man’s best friend. It is hard to imagine that they are far beyond our credit.

One woman highlighted this important statement in a TikTok video recently posted on her account mamabwelsh.

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The mother showed off how her dog sniffed her belly while she was in danger of becoming pregnant.

Mother Britney Welsh shared a video of her golden retriever sniffing her belly when she was eight months pregnant.

“One time I was eight months pregnant and my dog ​​was trying to tell me something was wrong and I didn’t realize it,” the caption reads in the video.

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In the video, Goldie can be seen sniffing and eagerly trying to shove Welsh – as if he’s trying to get her out of the room and out the door.

He circled her around and even licked her throughout the video.

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