Moms and Babies Go to Congress, Advocate for Pregnancy Help Centers

Babies and toddlers are not a common sight in the US Senate.However, on Thursday, the day before the 50th,th At March for Life, mothers and children arrived at the Capitol to explain how Pro-Life Pregnancy Resource Centers and Maternity Homes have helped them during a time when they needed them most.

“If I hadn’t been in contact with these women’s centers, I probably would have died somewhere,” Evelyn Davis said at the “Baby Goes to Congress” luncheon held at the Russell Senate Office Building. rice field.

Davis was one of three women who traveled with their children to the nation’s capital for Heartbeat International’s annual “Baby Goes to Conference” event. Attendees met with members of Congress during the three-day event and shared stories about how “local pregnancy support organizations helped people through difficult times in their lives. some, some with ultrasounds, some with mentoring programs,” the organization explains on its website, adding:

Each story is different, but highlights the fact that each woman, once she entered the center, continued her relationship with a pregnancy support organization.

Davis, now 31 and from Cincinnati, had her first abortion when she was 19. Five years later she had her second abortion. Years later, Davis found out she was pregnant again. She already had a three-year-old son, she was not married, and she worked as a “high-class prostitute.”

It was a Friday and she was due for an abortion drug appointment the following Monday, but she wanted to know how far along her pregnancy was. Davis says she “decided to have an abortion,” but she Googled “free ultrasound” and found a Pro-Life women’s center in Dayton, Ohio.

Holding the ultrasound in her hand, she said she thought, “I am at a crossroads in my life and I must choose between life and death.” He added that he didn’t understand why. Life “represented not only my baby’s life, but mine as well.”

“I chose my life for my little son Hezekiah and soon afterwards gave my life to Christ,” she said. In 2022, Davis graduated from the University of Cincinnati with her bachelor’s degree, and she married “her loving husband who is raising her two children besides him.”

Hezekiah is now one year old and “he’s the happiest baby,” Davis said.

Evelyn Davis and her son, Hezekiah, pose at the Russell Senate Office Building during Dear Heartbeat International’s annual “Baby Goes to Congress” event on Thursday.

Since the “Babies Go to Congress” event began in 2009, Heartbeat International has taken more than 180 mothers and babies to Washington to visit nearly 400 Congressional offices.

Davis met with the offices of Rep. Mike Turner and Rep. Warren Davidson, both Ohio Republicans, and the congressional staff of Republican Sen. JD Vance and Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, also of Ohio.

Mothers say they were happy to participate in letting lawmakers’ offices know how the Pregnancy Resource Center could fill gaps in support that programs like Medicaid don’t provide.

Attendees of the “Baby Goes to Congress” event met with 12 Congressional offices, including the staff of Representatives Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.) and Bob Goode (R-Va.). Senators Tim Kaine and Senators Mark Warner. Rep. Keith Self and Rep. Pat Fallon, both R-Texas. Senators Ted Cruz and Senators John Cornyn, both Texas Republicans.

Candice Morgan of Texas also shared her story of choosing life for her daughter Zoe. Morgan, 36, said she had an abortion in 2015 after which she dealt with shame and regret. In 2019, Morgan found out she was pregnant again. In the meantime, she found out she was pregnant again.

“Everyone was immediately like, ‘You’ve got to have an abortion. You guys can’t have this baby. They went to Real Options, a pro-life center in Allen, Texas.’ She said that the staff informed her of all the options.

Commenting on her experience at the Pregnancy Help Center, Morgan said: The support and family I didn’t have gave me the strength to become it and make the right decisions. ”

Today, Zoe is a happy, healthy toddler, and the women who supported Morgan and her family at Real Options remain close friends today.

Candace Morgan, center, is still good friends with Real Options woman Jennifer Shelton, right, Christy Sheedy, who helped her daughter Zoe choose a life.

The ‘Baby Goes to Congress’ event comes just months after at least 78 pro-life organizations were attacked and destroyed, according to Catholic Vote. It began in early May after the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court draft opinion that overturned Wade was leaked.

In July, Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren criticized the work of national pregnancy resource centers.

“There are now more emergency pregnancy centers out there in Massachusetts to dupe people seeking help with abortion than there are true abortion clinics. [3 to 1]Warren told WBTS-TV Channel 10 in Boston.

On January 11, the House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning the attacks on pro-life organizations. More than 200 House Democrats voted against the resolution, and he was only three Democrats who voted in favor of joining Republicans in condemning the attack.

“I think it’s important, especially at this point in history, for people to understand the power of fertility support and what fertility support does,” said Tracy Shellhouse, vice president of ministry services for Heartbeat International. told the Daily Signal.

Shellhouse said the Pregnancy Resource Center will ultimately “empower women to make informed choices, educated choices, and make choices in the lives of their children, and even… [choose] life for yourself. ”

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