‘Motherhood, pregnancy should be left to woman alone’

Mumbai: Women should make the choice between pregnancy and childbirth, a prominent speaker said at a book launch on judicial action to change India’s abortion laws.

Dr. Smita Datar’s Marathi book Fakt Ti’chyasathi chronicles Dr. Nitin Datar’s 14-year judicial work to change Indian law. She was released Saturday at Nandadeep School in Goregaon by Judge Muridula Batkar (retired), former Women’s Commission member Nirmala Samant Prabhavarkar, and police deputy commissioner Jotuna Ratham. There were over 200 participants.

Right to control our own bodies and fertility and maternal choices

Judge (retd) Bhatkar said, “According to international human rights law, a person is endowed with human rights at birth. It has a huge impact on her physical health and life, so she should be the only one who can decide how she wants to deal with it. She cited a ruling she co-wrote in 2016 when deciding an abortion case for a girl who was over 20 weeks pregnant and was going to be a mother. Recently, the law was amended to allow abortion at 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Judge Bhatkar said the court decided the issue on the basis of ethical, legal and human aspects and could not issue an order that violated the separation of powers. “We can only interpret the laws. We cannot make them. Only Congress can make them. I will try to find a way.

Praising the author, she said there are many case studies that can make people aware of this problem. For example, someone whose mother’s life is in danger because they can’t send it.

“I’ve seen cases where rape victims don’t know what to do. They have to be mentally and physically harassed during exams,” said Ratham. His doctor, Nitin Datar, who has fought 321 patients for free, said that for him the fight was always about “women’s independence.”

he said. People who need abortions should be allowed. I wanted to bring up this issue when I saw her mother feeling that her fetus could not lead a normal life, or that her delivery could lead to her death. . She asked what if she was my daughter. The law was outdated and outdated. ’” He plans to take up euthanasia as his next battle.

Calling the book “the most difficult journey”, Dr Sumita Datar said there was a lot of confusion before publishing the book. , I thought I needed to highlight this issue.

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