Mum who pole danced through pregnancy says it made labour smoother

Danielle Sovey felt it was important to continue pole dancing during her pregnancy (Photo: Danielle Sovey/SWNS)

One mother found pole dancing to be a saving grace during pregnancy. That’s despite her cruel troll claiming she “didn’t care about the baby.”

Danielle Nicole, 36, started pole dancing seven years ago when she attended a private class for her 29th birthday.

She loves sports and started it as a hobby. Since then she has won her dance competitions with Paul and has taught others her classes with Paul.

After my miscarriage at 18 weeks pregnant in April 2021, it also helped me get through the traumatic experience.

She said: “Pole dancing was a way for me to heal and it was a creative way for me to express my feelings.

In November 2021, seven months after her miscarriage, she became pregnant again and decided to continue pole dancing.

Daniel Sovey

Danielle Sovey practicing her poles (Photo: Don Q Photography / SWNS)

Upon seeking medical advice, her obstetrician told her it was fine to continue as long as she took safety precautions and no complications from the pregnancy occurred.

Daniel gave birth to baby Felix in August 2022 without incident.

However, an online stranger claimed that she “didn’t care about the baby” and “wanted more Instagram followers.”

“It hurt, but I wanted to stick around for women in general,” Danielle said.

“It’s perfectly safe if you know what you’re doing. I haven’t done anything dangerous.”

Daniel Sovey

She practiced twice a week during her pregnancy (Photo: Danielle Sovey / SWNS)

Daniel, from Michigan, USA, said:

“For the first 20 weeks it didn’t change much.

“I was teaching pole dancing for 32 weeks, when I switched from an advanced level class to a lower level class.

“I wasn’t doing any flips or climbing, nor was I doing any upper pole stuff.

“I danced mostly barefoot, less often in heels. I was mostly on the ground.

“I didn’t want to hurt the baby, so I fixed what I did for the baby’s safety.”

She credits Pole’s health benefits to continuing, believing it helped her birth go smoothly.

“Birth is one of the most stressful things your body can go through.

“You need strong core and pelvic muscles to push your baby effectively.

“There was also an emotional significance. It’s my community, and I’m surrounded by other women who empower each other.

“I didn’t want to lose my identity just because I was pregnant.”

She found climbing stairs “harder” than pole dancing, which she did twice a week during pregnancy and once a week after giving birth.

Daniel says:

“I just hope people stop being judgmental. Most mothers know their bodies and do the best they can.”

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