Neha Marda Reveals Pregnancy Thoughts Of Last Weeks Of Her 1st-Trimester, Prays ‘Food Tastes Good’

Television actress Neha Marda is an avid social media user who continues to share drool-worthy glimpses into her life. Now, she’s enjoying her new phase of pregnancy, giving us a glimpse of her entire journey. Once again, her mom-to-be shared the series of pregnancy thoughts she’s having in the last week of her first trimester. man, Ayushman Agarwal. And after almost a decade of blissful married life, the madly in love couple is expecting her first child.

Neha Marda’s Pregnancy Thoughts at the End of the First Trimester

On December 20, 2022, Neha used her IG handle to share a video summarizing the various thoughts she faces during the last week of her first semester. At the beginning of the video, the mom-to-be can be seen introducing fans to her thoughts on her pregnancy, wearing a bandani her printed jacket, blue floppy shoes, and a topknot bun. Her yellow coordinating lemon looks cute in her set. Plus, she was seen showing off her cute baby bump.

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Neha Marda

Pregger, Neha Marda makes all food stinky

As soon as the scene changes, you can see her confused as to whether she’s feeling hungry or vomiting. , she checks the refrigerator. But just like many pregnant women felt in her first trimester, she found everything in the fridge stinky, so she went back to bed without chewing anything.

But like all pregnant moms, Neha couldn’t sleep or lie down for a long time and had to rush to the bathroom. was wondering if this frequent pee rush was normal. Here, the mom-to-be wonders again if she’s gaining weight or a baby. Well, here she ends her video. This is absolutely relevant for all pregnant women.

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Neha Marda

Soon-to-be mom Neha Marda hopes her ‘food tastes good again’ in the next few weeks of pregnancy

Sharing the video, she wrote a heartfelt note to all her fans and followers, asking if they were experiencing similar thoughts on their pregnancy journey. In addition, she once again mentioned that in the next few weeks of her pregnancy, she always prays that everything smells good so that the food tastes good again.Her note can be read as follows: increase.

“Welcome to Early Pregnancy Thoughts!!!Have you had any or all of these??? But hunger or vomiting. And praying for the next few weeks will bring all the energy and the taste of food.” gets better again. How was your first semester??”

Click to watch the video Here.

When Neha Marda announced the news of her pregnancy with husband Ayushman Agrawal

On November 24, 2022, Neha Marda took the wheel of IG to delight her fans with some surprising news about her life. She shared a beautiful photo with her husband, Ayushman Agrawal who clicked perfectly in nature. She looked gorgeous in a flowing dress. On top of that, she wore subdued makeup, with brown smokey eyes, defined brows, highlighted cheeks, brown lipstick, and soft curled tufts. Ayushman, on the other hand, looked smart in a black suit paired with a white shirt underneath. But it was Neha’s baby bump that caught our attention. It was seen flaunting an easily visible, baby bump. Sharing it, Neha wrote:

“Shri Shivaya Namastubhyam. God has finally arrived in me. In 2023 I will soon have a baby.”

Neha Marda announces first pregnancy with husband Ayushman Agrawal

What are your thoughts on Neha’s thoughts on pregnancy in the last weeks of her first trimester?

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