New Pro-Life Grant Boosts Scholarship Funds for Pregnant College Students

Texas is known as a leader in the pro-life movement, especially for initiatives on college campuses.

After witnessing the abortion industry making aggressive plans for college girls, Emily Cook, a Texas “right to life” attorney, offers another option as a college junior. I knew I needed it. Emily’s Professional Life Her club, Stephen F. Austin State University’s Lumberjacks for Life, organized and funded the first scholarship for college students pregnant or raising children in 2009. has demonstrated support and acceptance for students who face the challenges of caring for their children while completing their education.

More than a decade later, the Pregnancy and Parenting Scholarship has reached over a dozen Pro-Life Leaders in Texas, thanks to the collaboration of the students of Texas Right to Life’s Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship for College Pro-Life Leaders. Offered by Life College Club.

Pro-Life students raise their own funds through bake sales, corporate profit sharing, and special events such as 5k races and clay chutes. The club advertises scholarships on campus to ensure pregnant and parenting students know about opportunities. They screen candidates through written applications or face-to-face interviews and award one to four scholarships each year to students who are pregnant or raising children.

This year, Texas Right to Life created a grant that matches funds raised by the Pro-Life Club for Pregnancy and Parenting Scholarships. This is to encourage more groups if they haven’t started an initiative yet, or to scale an existing effort.

Awarded grants to 12 pro-life clubs for scholarship funding this semester.

The abortion industry is trying to convince women, especially students, that abortion is the only option. As a result, parents often feel trapped in the abortion trap.

Right to Life in Texas Dr. Teresa Ripoll, Joseph Graham Fellow, has personally experienced the life-saving impact of pregnant and parenting student scholarships in Texas.

Shortly after her 19th birthday, Teresa found out she was pregnant. She grew up in a conservative Catholic home and was always pro-life, but her pregnancy rocked her. Blinded by her shame and weighed down by the weight of her guilt, Teresa sought her abortion.

“I was two exits from an abortion clinic and taking my first pill of chemical abortion when a desperate phone call completely changed my mind and my life,” Teresa said.

Her sister and friends reminded her of the dignity of life within her and the cruelty of abortion. “They reminded me of the immense support I had from everyone around me,” she continued.

“Thankfully I turned the car around and chose Life for my daughter.”

Teresa is currently President of Celts for Life at the University of St. Thomas, Houston.

“It is amazing that I was able to receive the scholarship while I was pregnant, and that I am now able to award scholarships to other students in need.”

Scholarships empower parents to make life choices for their children and build a culture of life on campus and in the wider community.

The support and love Teresa received from the Pro-Life group on campus changed her mind and inspired her to live for something greater than herself.

“The work we do on campus and in the community is extremely important,” Teresa said.even after reversing Law vs. Wade, much remains to be done to create a culture that respects life. ”

Texas Right to Life is grateful to our generous backers for making scholarships available to our first pregnant and parenting students and helping us expand the initiative today through Matching Grants.

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